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Spotify was launched in Stockholm, Sweden in 2008 as a small start-up founded in response to growing music piracy concerns. As of 2019, the music streaming service has 217 monthly active users (100 million of whom are subscribers), 40 million available tracks and a market cap of $35 billion. Spotify’s Ad Studio allows advertisers to create their own audio ad campaigns with targeting capabilities, and Spotify has also partnered with celebrities for brand activations. As an increasingly powerful player in the podcast market, Spotify recently acquired podcast creator-producers Parcast, Gimlet and Anchor and offers branded podcasts with advertisers.  

Here’s the recent digital marketing news we’ve covered about Spotify:

WHM Feature: 5 Brands Partnering With Nonprofits During Women's History Month. During Women’s History Month, brands are partnering with nonprofit organizations that advance and empower women.

5 QSRs & Fast Food Restaurants That Rolled Out Romantic Delivery & Pick Up Options For Valentine's Day. In an effort to provide pandemic-friendly dining options this Valentine’s Day, QSRs and fast food restaurants are leveraging their safe and convenient delivery and pick-up options for consumers.

Radio And Digital Audio Listenerships Undergo Pandemic-Related Shifts. Although digital audio has seen a dip during the pandemic, it’s expected to bounce back while terrestrial radio continues to struggle.

The Stalling Podcast Industry Deploys New Subscription And Brand Growth Strategies. Podcast use was humming along as a favorite commuter activity, then the pandemic hit and podcast services adapted to the new normal.

Spotify Playlists For Pets – It’s The Cat’s Meow. Spotify playlists are more than just the personal compilations of fans, they can also be effective for building brand loyalty and partnerships.

What Is Microcasting? Microcasts capitalize on the popularity of podcasts with short “casts” that appeal to targeted audiences.

Spotify Suspends Political Ads: Just The Facts. Spotify hits the brakes on political ads, citing their lack of a review process robust enough to effectively validate the spots.

Spotify Ad Studio Expands Targeting Options: Just The Facts. Last month, Spotify introduced enhancements to its Ad Studio, enabling marketers to more precisely target their ads.

The Power Of Music In Film: Jordan Peele’s Us Takes Over Spotify’s TV & Movies Hub. Jordan Peele’s new thriller, Us, took a unique approach to marketing, which included a Spotify takeover, the first of its kind.

SiriusXM Plans To Purchase Pandora In Move To Reach More Consumers. SiriusXM announced their $3.5 billion deal to purchase Pandora. The brand is looking to entice more consumers and compete against streaming service giants like Spotify.

The Impact of Digital Marketing: Froot Loops Donuts Feed a Very Social Audience. Harnessing the power of Instagram, Spotify and other digital avenues, Froot Loops set up their new donuts for success.

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