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As the eighth largest retailer in the U.S., Target Corporation has more than 1,800 stores across North America and a robust online presence. In 2018, Target spent almost $1.5 billion in advertising. As a result of its successful marketing strategies, Target’s comparable store sales have been growing. Target is popular across all demographics, but especially so for Millennials and Gen Xers.

Here’s the recent digital marketing news we’ve covered about Target Corporation:

5 Examples Of Strategic Partnerships That Are Making In Impact During 2021 BHM & Beyond. This Black History Month brands are partnering with nonprofits, charities, artists and Black-owned brands and going beyond performative advertising.

Retailers Optimize Return Policies As Ecommerce Continues To Thrive. The rise of ecommerce has led many brands and retailers to adopt new return policy strategies that match the needs of consumers and mitigate shipping concerns.

Kroger Debuts On List Of Top 10 US Ecommerce Companies. As consumers relied heavily on delivery of everything, including groceries, in 2020, brands like Kroger stepped up their ecommerce strategies and are reaping the benefits.

Big Box Store Q3 Earnings Show Positive Impact Of Ecommerce And Digital Tactics. Target, Walmart And Kohl’s Q3 earnings reflect the importance of digital strategies that promote ecommerce and omnichannel solutions.

Ecommerce Is On Top Of The World As Consumers Embrace Online Shopping Like Never Before. The story of the year for retail has been the growth of ecommerce, which has made it safer and more convenient for consumers to get what they need during difficult times.

Alternative Halloween Experiences Connect Brands & Parents. Brands are connecting with parents this Halloween to provide tools, resources and activities for safe but spooky alternative celebrations.

Toy Wars: Big Retailers Push New Products & Strategic Partnerships Ahead Of Holiday Season. Major retailers like Target, Walmart and Amazon are strengthening their presence in the toy industry with innovative launches and partnerships, just in time for the holiday shopping rush.

Retail Brands Band Together To Solve Plastic Bag Crisis With Digital Spin. Beyond The Bag aims to come up with a better solution to single-use bags, and digital strategies are encouraged.

Ecommerce Opportunities Abound For Brands As Brick-And-Mortar Retailers Limit Holiday Hours. The need for safety over in-person sales is driving some big brick-and-mortar retailers to alter their Thanksgiving hours, creating ecommerce opportunities for brands.

Big Box Stores See Uptick In Ecommerce Sales. As consumers' spending habits evolve in the wake of COVID-19, big box stores are experiencing rapid rises in ecommerce sales and increased demand for seamless transaction and delivery options.

Cancellations And Return Policies Are More Important Than Ever During & After COVID-19. From travel to Target, brands are refining and revising cancellation and refund policies which could have lasting implications.

Grocery Delivery Wars: Amazon And Walmart Face Off. Amazon continues to tweak its grocery delivery service, but Walmart answers with an unlimited grocery delivery membership.

Department Store Holiday Commercials Go All Out To Steal Hearts. Holiday commercials from department stores differentiate themselves from competitors’ spots by promoting their distinctive brand characteristics and touching hearts in unique ways.

Holiday Toy Catalogs Evolve For The Digital Age. Holiday toy catalogs still play an important role for retailers.

Frozen 2 Anticipated To Dominate Marketing This Holiday Season. Frozen 2, the movie with the most-viewed animated trailer of all timelaunches in theaters on November 22. The marketing and merchandising tie-ins of this global phenomenon span across all industries this holiday season.

Parents Turn To A Mix Of Options For Their Toy Shopping Needs. Big box stores, independent retailers and direct-to- consumer brands offer parents an array of options when shopping for toys.

Shopping For Groceries Is Easier Than Ever With Digital And Brand Innovations. Target and Walmart announce their latest innovations in the grocery store wars, capitalizing on branding, partnerships and seamless delivery.

Retailers Innovating To Strip Market Share From Google, Facebook, Amazon. There are significant signs of retailers fighting to get a piece of the digital ad pie with promises of tight audience targeting and ultimate trackability.

Toy Manufacturers Turn To Membership And DTC Sales To Reach Consumers: By creating new options like direct-to-consumer and exclusive memberships for consumers to buy their items, toy manufacturers can create exclusivity and brand loyalty.

Resale Market Value Increases: Consumers Focus On Sustainability: Secondhand shopping and the apparel resale market are growing in popularity as consumers become more environmentally aware and crave fresh styles.

Subscription Marketing: Trends Driving This Powerful Business Model: As the subscription business model continues its march towards dominance, it’s important for marketers to understand the trends behind subscription growth.

Toy Store Experiences: Nostalgia and Innovation Appeal to Shoppers this Holiday Season: In a post-Toys R Us market, Amazon, Target, Walmart and small businesses fill the void for holiday toy shoppers, with innovations, nostalgic appeals and experiential shopping.

Post Babies R Us Registries: Streamlined And Creative Alternatives: When Babies R US closed, consumers were left wondering where to go for their baby registries, but many options have filled the space left by the shuttering of the mega retailer.

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