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Prior to shuttering in 2018, Toys R Us was an iconic, international toy store with brands that included Kids R Us and Babies R Us. Geoffrey The Giraffe was the store’s majestic mascot and “I don’t wanna grow up! I’m a Toys R Us kid!” their catchy jingle. At the time of their closing Toys R Us was responsible for 12% of the U.S. toy market. The toy sector continues to evolve via subscription and direct-to-consumer options post Toys R Us, while many hypothesize how Toys R Us may return to the market.

Here’s the recent digital marketing news we’ve covered about Toys R Us:

Toy Wars: Big Retailers Push New Products & Strategic Partnerships Ahead Of Holiday Season. Major retailers like Target, Walmart and Amazon are strengthening their presence in the toy industry with innovative launches and partnerships, just in time for the holiday shopping rush.

Holiday Toy Catalogs Evolve For The Digital Age. Holiday toy catalogs still play an important role for retailers.

Parents Turn To A Mix Of Options For Their Toy Shopping Needs. Big box stores, independent retailers and direct-to- consumer brands offer parents an array of options when shopping for toys.

Toys R Us Is Back: Just The Facts. Toys R Us will launch an ecommerce site and six new brick-and-mortar stores in time for the winter holidays.

Toy Manufacturers Turn To Membership And DTC Sales To Reach Consumers. By creating new options like direct-to-consumer and exclusive memberships for consumers to buy their items, toy manufacturers can create exclusivity and brand loyalty.

Reinventing Girlhood: How GoldieBlox Fights Stereotypes From The Toy Aisle. In an effort to give girls more options in the toy aisle, Debbie Sterling founded GoldieBlox, the STEM-focused toy brand empowering young women to find the fun in science.

Tech-Based Toys, Outdoor Fun, Unboxing And Captain Marvel Revealed As Trends For Toys In 2019. The toy trends for 2019 are anticipated to incorporate a fun mix of licensed merchandise, tech-based creator toys and another year of new innovations in slime and unboxing.

Big Box Stores And Niche Toy Manufacturers Enter The Toy Subscription Box Market To Leverage Sales And Increase Brand Awareness. In a post-Toys R Us world, toy and game sellers and manufacturers will look for alternative revenue streams, including monthly subscription boxes.

Toy Store Experiences: Nostalgia and Innovation Appeal to Shoppers this Holiday Season. In a post-Toys R Us market, Amazon, Target, Walmart and small businesses fill the void for holiday toy shoppers, with innovations, nostalgic appeals and experiential shopping.

Innovative Marketing from 6 Top Baby Brands: From Diapers & Food to Toys & Nose Suckers. From realism to humor, there’s no one way for baby brands to market themselves. We identified six examples of on-target baby-focused campaigns.

DMS Marketing Madness – Round 1: Toyota vs. Tide vs. KFC vs. Absolut. It’s DMS Marketing Madness month! Vote for the campaign you think is the most innovative. The winning campaign will move on to the Final Four, announced on March 30.

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