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A top consumer packaged goods (CPG) conglomerate, Unilver owns more than 400 brands including Axe, Hellmann’s, Knorr, Lipton, Magnum, Degree and Dollar Shave Club. The second-biggest advertiser in the world, in 2017, Unilver’s ad spend topped $1.3 billion in the U.S. alone.

Here’s the recent digital marketing news we’ve covered about Unilever and its brands:

Mayo Wars: Mayo Brands Evolve To Stand Out. To keep up with the growing competition, mayonnaise brands are innovating to capture the changing taste preferences of consumers.

Father’s Day Marketing Sees Shift In Focus From Years Past. As the effects from the pandemic linger and consumers' ideas of what the “dad” role looks like evolves, brands have altered their marketing strategies for this year’s Father’s Day marketing campaigns.

Unilever Joins Other CPG Brands In Making A Commitment To Stop Marketing To Children. Unilever has vowed to stop marketing its products to children in order to tackle rising obesity rates.  

Razor Brands Face Off As Harry’s Acquisition Hits A Roadblock. A ruling by the FTC blocking the sale of razor-subscription brand Harry's, could indicate that changes are on the way for razor start-ups, although several have previously been successfully acquired.

What Is An Interactive Voice Ad? Interactive voice ads are a new advertising format that allows users to have conversations with ad content.

Shopper Marketing For Today’s Digital World. Shopper marketing is increasingly leveraging multiple channels, including digital media. Here’s a look at three recent shopper marketing campaigns that merged the physical and digital worlds.

Subscription Marketing: Trends Driving This Powerful Business Model: As the subscription business model continues its march towards dominance, it’s important for marketers to understand the trends behind subscription growth.

Women’s Soccer: It’s Time For More Big Brands To Take Notice: With a target of 1 billion viewers set by the FIFA president, the 2019 Women’s World Cup puts women’s soccer in the spotlight as the sport becomes more valuable for brands targeting women and families.

Marketing Partnerships: 5 Tips To Achieve Balance And Success: Almost all successful marketing partnerships are built to achieve balanced objectives for both sides of the equation.

#DoveXDunkin: How Dove and Dunkin’ Partnered for Morning Necessities: Dunkin’ and Dove paired up to create morning essentials for American women. By offering coffee and dry shampoo, the duo have generated insurmountable buzz.

Women’s Equality Day: The Best Empowering Marketing Campaigns: Empowering women starts with challenging society’s standards. See how big brands like Dove and Aerie have used marketing to uplift women around the world.

The Best 6 Father’s Day Campaigns: Marketing Dad’s Love: Last Father’s Day, brands like Carhartt, Dove Men and Courtyard Hotels used Father’s Day to interact with consumers and boost sales.

Dollar Shave Club Offers More Than Razors: The latest Dollar Shave Club ad paints men’s morning routines in a humorous light as they shave their heads, blow dry their crotches and more.

Engage or Pay: 3 Super-Sized Facebook Campaigns You Can Learn From: With Facebook’s recent algorithm update, earning engagement is more important than ever. Here are 3 brands with super-sized Facebook campaign success.

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