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Consumers Have High Expectations For Brands Collecting And Using Data

November 8, 2019 Sarah Cavill

Woman looking at computer intentlyThe push-pull between privacy and personalization can be difficult for brands, but when it comes to data, brands can earn loyalty, engagement and repeat business by being trustworthy and transparent. According to Accenture Interactive’s 2019 Consumer Pulse survey, “73% of consumers are willing to share more personal information if brands are transparent about how it is used, up from 66% in 2018.” This transparency should be a part of any data strategy which should be a part of any broad customer experience strategy.

Consumers Are Particularly Distrustful Of Voice And Microphone Data Collection

The Accenture survey found that 76% of consumers are uncomfortable with data collection via microphones or voice assistants. Transparent deployment of how this data will be collected, and why, could help consumers feel at ease with increasingly integrated methods of communication. Nonprofit campaigns and some bill-paying services are turning to voice assistants as a method of payment — for these activations to be effective, consumers will need assurances that their information is safe and won’t be used or sold inappropriately. With many consumers already edgy about their voice assistants, and 71% of those surveyed wary of data collected indirectly, personal data gathered via voice assistants and microphones is an area for brands to be especially thoughtful about how they get and share consumer information.

Despite Nerves About Data Sharing, Consumers Are Eager For Holistic Interactions From Brands

Consumers have gotten smarter, savvier and more particular about how brands personalize content. Many don’t believe generic algorithms get it right, and the Accenture survey found that 87% of consumers want brands to know the “real me,” while 51% were ready to walk after a botched personalization from a brand. So, generic isn’t working with consumers — making good data, deployed accurately, essential.

Many Consumers Are Willing To Exchange Their Data For Quality Personalized Experiences

67% of survey participants said they were willing to exchange data for good customer experiences, creating genuine opportunities for brands to collect and use first-party data. Asking the right questions for future targeting opportunities is clearly an important part of the process of data collection and more importantly an effective customer strategy.

Consumers expect personalization from brands to be tailored and consistent across channels, and they want engagement to feel human, as if as salesperson were approaching them in a store. A personalized consumer experience can drive sales, brand loyalty, future engagement and build trust between consumer and brand.

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