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For Higher Ed Paid Search: Monday-Wednesday Are Top Volume Days

February 5, 2015 Digital Media Solutions

Last month, a DM News article stated Sunday was the top mobile search day for product and service searches during the last quarter of 2014. Desktop searches, however, peaked on Mondays.

Does the same hold true for higher education Google searches? And what about the best days for inquiry and enrollment volume?

Our paid search team took a look at impression, click, inquiry and enrollment volume, by device type, for all of our active higher education 2014 campaigns. Here are the highlights of what we found:

  • Almost all activity (impressions, clicks, inquiries and enrollments) from any device was generated on a weekday. In general, higher education volume is very concentrated to weekdays, so many paid search campaigns adjust to these trends, further limiting weekend volume.
  • Monday through Wednesday were the most active days with only slight variations by device.
  • Desktop traffic (impressions and clicks) was more concentrated on weekdays than that of mobile devices or tablets. Tablets delivered the greatest weekend volume of the three device categories.
  • All activity for both online and campus-based programs was concentrated to Monday through Wednesday. However, online programs generated significantly less volume on weekends.

Diving deeper into the data, we see:

Higher Ed Paid Impression Volume

  • Higher Ed PPC Impression Volume by Day - 2014Almost all impressions were generated during the week — 80 percent of desktop, 75 percent of mobile and 71 percent of tablet impressions.
  • Tuesday was the busiest day for both desktop and mobile searches, generating 17.3 percent and 16 percent of all impressions respectively.
  • Monday and Wednesday followed closely; each delivered 17 percent of desktop search impressions and 15 percent of mobile impressions.
  • For tablets, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday were all tied for the day with the greatest impressions — at 15 percent of the weekly volume each day.
  • Weekend inquiry volume for campus-based programs was significantly higher than that of online programs (17 percent vs. 10 percent).

Higher Ed Paid Search Click Volume

  • Higher Ed Paid Search Clicks by Day - 2014Almost all clicks were produced during the week — 84 percent of desktop, 79 percent of mobile and 74 percent of tablet clicks.
  • Monday delivered the greatest share of mobile and tablet click volume (16.8 and 15.8 percent respectively).
  • Tuesday delivered more desktop clicks than any other day (18.2 percent) but was followed closely by Monday and Wednesday, each at nearly 18 percent.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday were the second and third busiest days for mobile and tablet clicks — Tuesday delivered 16.7 percent for mobile devices and 15.6 percent for tablets; Wednesday’s share was 16.6 percent for mobile and 15.6 percent for tablets.

Inquiry Volume

  • Total weekday inquiry volume was greater than 80 percent from any device, with more than half of the volume delivered Monday through Wednesday.
  • Monday generated almost one-fifth of all inquiries from desktops (19.58 percent) and tablets (18.77 percent). Tuesday and Wednesday each delivered 18 percent of all inquiries from desktop searches and 17 percent from tablet searches.
  • Tuesday was the top day for mobile campaigns, bringing 19 percent of all inquiries. Monday and Wednesday each produced 18 percent.

Enrollment Volume

(Note: We have combined applications, enrollments and starts into this category.)

  • Almost all enrollments (86 percent) came from searches conducted during the week, with nearly 60 percent generated Monday through Wednesday. Although the volume of enrollments is even more concentrated than impressions, clicks and inquiries, the schedule of admissions teams may come in to play for this statistic.
  • Monday was the top day for enrollments from desktop searches, delivering 19.67 percent. Tuesday and Wednesday each generated 19 percent of enrollments.
  • Tuesday was the best producer from mobile devices, producing more than a fifth of all enrollments (21.26 percent). Monday delivered 21 percent and Wednesday brought in 18 percent.
  • For tablets, Wednesday was the peak with 20.13 percent. Monday and Tuesday each delivered 18.5 percent.
  • Enrollments from inquiries produced over the weekend for campus-based programs was significantly higher than that of online programs (16 percent vs. 5 percent).

Paid search campaigns must be monitored closely and optimized regularly for maximum results. Global performance data, like that detailed above, can be utilized for initial campaign setup. But because every campaign behaves uniquely, it’s essential to make future campaign decisions on an evaluation of specific campaign performance.

The best paid search strategists proactively review and optimize campaigns, keeping you abreast of changes as they’re made. If you would like an audit of your campaign set up and performance to ensure you are maximizing your marketing dollars, reach out to your DMS account executive or fill out this form to have someone from Team DMS contact you.

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