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LinkedIn’s New Healthcare Hub: Just The Facts

September 18, 2020 Carolyn Harding

LinkedIn recently launched a new “Healthcare Hub” in an effort to assist healthcare marketers in reaching consumers more effectively by utilizing the full scope of LinkedIn’s capabilities.

What Is The LinkedIn Healthcare Hub?

LinkedIn’s new Healthcare Hub was created to tackle four of the most prevalent challenges that many marketers currently face when connecting with consumers, through a hub of tools, resources and audience insights. According to LinkedIn, these healthcare marketing challenges include engagement, trust, mindset and targeting.

linkedin healthcare hub

The Healthcare Hub taps into the “most relevant insights” on LinkedIn in order to effectively connect healthcare brands with healthcare target audiences. For example, telemedicine has emerged as a rapidly growing conversation topic throughout the healthcare industry. On LinkedIn, content related to telemedicine grew 726% at the start of the pandemic, with engagement surrounding telemedicine experiencing a 691% spike. LinkedIn’s Healthcare Hub was created to identify these types of timely trends, allowing marketers to better understand topics relevant to large and engaged audiences so they can adjust their targeting strategies accordingly and create relevant content for consumers.

The Healthcare Hub also accesses LinkedIn’s advanced targeting capabilities, giving healthcare brands the tools needed to “identify, qualify and convert valuable leads on a trusted platform.” LinkedIn shared in its announcement, “Combining first-party data, such as company name and job title, with derived data, such as job seniority derived from title, creates powerful datasets for audience curation. Going one step further to add behavioral data means you can also target personas within key groups, such as Opinion Leaders or Mass Affluent.”

Why Did LinkedIn Create The Healthcare Hub?

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The healthcare industry has experienced major shifts throughout the pandemic, affecting the expectations and demands consumers have of healthcare brands and providers. LinkedIn believes it has the necessary resources and tools to help healthcare marketers “educate, engage and advocate” in front of a massive audience actively seeking out the latest trends and news surrounding the healthcare industry today. LinkedIn currently hosts 8.6 million healthcare practitioners and 600,000 “institutional investors” actively using the platform. Additionally, healthcare influencers using LinkedIn today have more than 2.4 million followers combined.

“Even before the pandemic struck, healthcare marketing was at a turning point. Challenged by rising costs, evolving consumer expectations, disruptive new market entrants and complex health and technology ecosystems, healthcare marketers are facing a growing impetus to evolve,” LinkedIn shared.

How Will LinkedIn’s Healthcare Hub Help Digital Marketers?

LinkedIn’s Healthcare Hub presents an opportunity for healthcare marketers to leverage key audience insights, identify evolving trends and join in on active conversations with consumers who are looking to engage. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, these advanced targeting and messaging capabilities will become essential for brands looking to connect with consumers and create measurable ROI.

As the professional networking platform noted, “With millions of healthcare professionals, decision-makers, investors and other key audiences, marketers on LinkedIn can target healthcare networks to connect, innovate, educate and collaborate with purpose.”

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