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LinkedIn Retargeting And Audience Network Updates: Just The Facts

June 9, 2020 Sarah Cavill

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Last fall, LinkedIn launched several new tools for marketers offering better targeting and measurement. The social media platform announced further updates in a blog post on June 2: “Today, we’re taking the next step in this journey by introducing new capabilities to retarget by actions, as well as updates to the LinkedIn Audience Network, to help you scale engagement and consistently interact with the professionals you’re trying to reach.”

How Can Marketers Retarget With LinkedIn Retargeting?

Retargeting by video and lead gen forms allows marketers to reach audiences within LinkedIn that have begun to take actions but haven’t converted. In the LinkedIn blog explaining the new retargeting tools, LinkedIn provides three examples of how the new retargeting features can support campaign objectives:

  • Tailor messages for audiences that have previously watched video content. The tailored message can be presented with a targeted ad, or, for videos promoting events, a “Sponsored Content” ad offering the opportunity for event registration.
  • Re-engage people who completed a lead gen form but didn’t convert. This offers another opportunity to reach interested audiences and encourage them to take the next desired action. 
  • Improve conversions inside of account-based marketing campaigns by using LinkedIn retargeting features to deepen relationships at different points of the conversion funnel. 

What Updates To LinkedIn Audience Network Provide Better Engagement?

Shutterstock_555157105 BARCELONA, SPAIN - MARCH 27, 2016: LinkedIn login page in a laptop screen. LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented social networking service that operates via websites.

The LinkedIn Audience Network, which allows advertisers to serve ads to third-party apps and sites outside of LinkedIn, has also improved their retargeting assets: “With our [LinkedIn’s] select trusted apps and publishers, including Flipboard, Microsoft News and, you can deliver Sponsored Content campaigns that achieve up to 25% more reach and up to 9x more monthly touchpoints to LinkedIn members who are more active on our Audience Network.” 

People who partially or fully watched video ads on the LinkedIn Audience Network can be delivered targeted messaging, helping marketers to increase engagement across platforms within LinkedIn and within trusted publisher sites and apps.

How Do The Latest LinkedIn Updates Benefit Marketers?

LinkedIn knows that businesses have been recalibrating their marketing goals and budgets because of coronavirus, therefore, the release of the new LinkedIn retargeting tools was prioritized to help marketers amplify their reach. Abhishek Shrivastava, Senior Director of Product for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, told TechCrunch that the LinkedIn retargeting tools “matter in terms of driving your [marketing] investment further.” With the new improved retargeting capabilities, marketers can re-approach high-intent leads, which increases messaging frequency to boost brand awareness, offers additional opportunities for conversion and develops deeper data sets for future contact. 

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