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Taboola Stories: Just The Facts

January 26, 2021 Sarah Cavill

Recently, Taboola, the content recommendation company going public via SPAC later this year, announced the beta launch of Taboola stories. Similar to stories on Facebook and Instagram, according to a statement from Taboola, the Taboola stories will offer up-to-date “relevant content.” Taboola Stories will offer advertisers increased opportunities to drive engagement and revenue.

What Is Taboola?

Taboola calls itself a discovery platform, allowing advertisers to reach target audiences where they are most receptive to “new messages, products and services.” Also known as a native advertising platform, Taboola seamlessly integrates articles and videos into social media platforms and digital publications, creating a natural-feeling user engagement experience. Taboola Stories will offer another native format for advertisers to leverage on publisher sites. 

What Are Taboola Stories?

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According to Taboola, Taboola stories are “a new way for publishers to engage readers with the familiar captivating ‘stories’ format that users love on social media, now on publisher sites for the first time. Publishers can embed Taboola Stories within their homepages, and articles in mobile environments, presenting readers with constantly updated recommendations that, once selected, launch vertical, mobile-friendly stories that cycle automatically.” The announcement press release notes that Taboola Stories “also represents an exciting opportunity for brand advertisers to reach consumers in new premium and impactful environments on publishers’ websites.”

The content in Taboola Stories will be chosen using the same tried-and-true methodology that drives Taboola’s placements of articles and video. Taboola’s decade-long investment in artificial intelligence (AI) and the “data from readership of more than 500 million daily active users” will be leveraged to populate Taboola Stories and serve readers more of the content they have shown interest in. “Taboola Stories are visually appealing and automatically cycle through article summaries, so readers can quickly skip to new content and ensure they never miss relevant stories.” With Taboola CEO Adam Singolda noting, “Compared to story-driven formats on traditional social media platforms, Taboola Stories offer similar formats, but side-by-side to premium, editorial content that exists in the open web.”

What Benefits Do Taboola Stories Offer Advertisers?

Taboola Stories offers advertisers additional opportunities to promote their content to audiences reading about related topics. For publishers, the addition of Taboola Stories has the potential to increase time spent on a specific web page or website. “We’re combining the best of two worlds, making it easier than ever for publishers to keep readers engaged and allowing readers to discover more content and promoted recommendations by advertisers they may like,” said Singolda. “Taboola Stories is a big leap forward in the flexibility we’ve given to publishers, and their abilities to interact with readers.”

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