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Uncover Your Best Consumer Prospects

November 11, 2015 Kathy Bryan

The amount of consumer data available on marketing campaigns can be overwhelming. It can be difficult to cut through the noise to find the best consumer prospects. With years of combined experience, LeadiD and Sparkroom help companies do just that. Together, they also teach companies how to use data to optimize their campaigns for their brands. Below, Sparkroom and LeadiD share six key areas to keep in mind to reach top performing prospects.

Note: After the publishing of this blog post, the Sparkroom agency was rebranded to DMS Digital Agency. Our award-winning. performance marketing technology retains the name Sparkroom. LeadiD has been rebranded to Jornaya.

The Big Six: Where to Focus Your Efforts

1. Experience: The way in which a consumer seeks out and engages with your brand can be a clear indication of how likely they are to convert. As marketers living in a multi-channel world, we know there are hundreds of thousands of ways a consumer can learn about, research and ultimately connect with a brand. Even on a brand’s website, the paths of discovery a consumer can take are nearly infinite. Mining the available data, such as the number of times a consumer has been exposed to your brand or the type of keywords used in a search query, can offer clues as to how far along a prospect is in their purchasing decision.

2. Channel: Marketers today spend much of their time evaluating and optimizing overall media plans based on how many more qualified prospects certain channels bring than others. Some channels are great at bringing in a large volume of inquiries, but fall short when it comes to acquiring and maintaining high-quality leads. Channels also contain sub-channels that help marketers hone in on what specifically works best for their brands. Understanding which channels perform best and why, through careful tracking, can yield valuable insights that lead to not only more efficient media spending, but also more customers.

3. Device: The mobile revolution isn’t a new story for current marketers. It has had a significant impact on the way consumers interact with businesses, access media and maintain personal relationships. The next step for marketers to be strategic and cost-effective is to understand which devices are most commonly used during specific points of the inquiry or transaction process. Lastly, marketers must understand the resulting marketing performance associated with these devices to optimize channels.

4. Engagement: As more media and marketing activities have moved into the digital space, it has become easier to identify patterns in how prospects engage with your brand. Marketers now have the ability to see which pieces of content resonate more than others. We can see steps within the consumer journey gaining insight into whether they wait seconds, minutes or hours before reaching out for more information. Knowing what engagement tactics and trends are most successful will help fine-tune each marketing piece, from inquiry forms to page content to on-page chat.

5. Competition/in-market activity: It’s important to identify when a prospect is actually in the market for your product, as well as how close they are to making a purchasing decision. Reaching, or maintaining, the number one spot on a prospect’s list is an essential focus that requires your brand’s strategy to align with the consumer’s need. Knowing when a prospect has contacted a competitor can help gauge in-market activity. If your brand falls lower on a prospect’s list, there is a threshold where the competition is too significant. Understanding how to interpret the data around competition and in-market activity can help marketers adjust their tactics before wasting resources on prospects who aren’t as likely to convert.

6. Consumer perspective: The perspective consumers bring as they research your product is important. Demographic, behavioral, psychographic and geographic consumer traits help marketers determine if they’re likely to convert. But, as with the rest of the data marketers collect on consumers, figuring out which attributes are most important in your own customer profile can help you cut through the clutter. Does your organization require someone to travel to a location on a regular basis, as with campus-based schools? Perhaps you’re looking for someone who’s likely to make purchasing decisions based on environmental considerations. Capturing and understanding these attributes holds value in rounding out the prospective customer profile for individual marketers.

Listen to our on-demand webinar, Under the Microscope: 6 Data Insights that Help Uncover Your Best Consumer Prospects. You will learn even more ways to turn your own data into insights that drive actions and allow your brand to stay competitive in today’s lead generation landscape. 

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Kathy Bryan

Kathy Bryan is the Senior Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Communications at Digital Media Solutions (DMS), the fastest-growing independent digital performance marketing company. In this role, Kathy is responsible for all aspects of marketing and communications for DMS and its subsidiary brands. Since its inception, DMS has evolved into an award-winning, full-service performance marketing company demonstrating incredible year-over-year growth which has earned recognition on the Inc. 5000 list in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

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