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Ally Financial Talks Money Through A Game Of Truth Or Dare

August 5, 2019 Carolyn Harding

With their new “Confessiongrams” campaign, Ally Financial is challenging Instagram users to play a virtual version of truth or dare in an effort to shed the stigma (and stress) surrounding financial conversations.

How Does Ally Financial’s Confessiongrams Work?

Ally Financial’s Confessiongrams

In order to participate in Ally’s Confessiongrams campaign, individuals must visit Ally Financial’s website, where they are prompted to choose “virtual cards.” Each card includes a financial truth question and a dare challenge. Just like the traditional truth or dare game, the player must then choose between answering the truth question or, alternatively, posting a video of them completing the dare to their Instagram account.

The Confessiongrams campaign is aimed at consumers in committed relationships, as finances are the second leading cause of divorce in the U.S. As such, players are encouraged to take turns with their significant others or friends when choosing virtual truth or dare cards.

Changing The Conversation Surrounding Finance

The overarching goal of Ally’s Confessiongrams campaign is to remove the stigma surrounding financial conversations. Discussing money can be a stressful topic for some, but with Ally’s financial twist on the cult favorite game, players can break the ice in playful ways and comfortably share their attitudes about money. 

"Truth or dare adds an element of levity to an otherwise difficult or dry topic, but we hope picking ‘truth’ becomes easier as couples continue to grow more open with each other about their financial habits and perspectives,” said Saloni Janveja, Ally’s Executive Director of Social and Marketing Innovation.

Gamified Campaigns Offer An Array Of Engagement-Related Benefits To Marketers

Gamified Campaigns

As Confessiongram players post videos of their dares to their personal Instagram accounts, Ally has the opportunity to leverage the social platform’s networking abilities and utilize the user-generated content (UGC) to broaden the reach of Confessiongrams, potentially creating a viral campaign. According to Janveja, the possibility of an increased audience reach mirrors a major ongoing goal of Ally Financial: deliver disruptive direct-to-consumer (DTC) marketing strategies to drive engagement and spark conversation.

A natural benefit of producing an interactive, gamified campaign, like Confessiongrams, is the likelihood of gathering user data that is helpful insight into the audience’s demographic and overall attitudes. Initial results from Ally’s campaign state the user-generated answers from the truth or dare game indicate three out of four Americans ages 18-34 would support their significant others in making career moves that paid less but resulted in greater personal happiness.

In addition to obtaining a wide audience reach, gathering useful data and successfully delivering a disruptive DTC marketing strategy, Confessiongrams gave Ally the platform to partner with well-known social influencers (all of which are in relationships). Through Confessiongrams, Ally collaborated with multiple influencers, including Loryn Powell (@lorynpowell), Carmen Perez (@makerealcents) and Jimmie Johnson (@allyracing). Each influencer took to Instagram to share their positive experiences and reiterated Ally’s message of the importance of openly discussing money and financial habits with their partners.

Confessiongrams Is Following In The Footsteps Of Previously Successful Gamified Campaigns

It’s important to note, Ally is no stranger to interactive gamification strategies. Just last year, Ally Bank debuted a mobile game during the Super Bowl in an effort to help people improve their money saving habits. The campaign, titled "The Ally Big Save," used augmented reality (AR) to create a dialogue surrounding how people think about their personal savings goals. During Super Bowl commercial breaks, the app displayed cartoon money raining down on smartphone screens and asked users to enter their savings goals. Users collected points by dragging the money into virtual piggy banks for chances to win money they could apply toward their savings goals.

Of course, Ally Financial is just one of a long list of brands that have deployed gamification or promoted social media campaigns that aim to create online buzz and boost brand awareness. Household names like L.L. Bean, JetBlue and Saucony have all created campaigns which relied heavily on social media to engage users and increase visibility.  

The benefits of interactive campaigns, especially those with gamification or UGC strategies incorporated, are evident. For Ally, these campaigns give followers another reason to discuss the financial brand while also creating positive user experiences in a very unique way.

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