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Brands Know Moms Matter, On Mother’s Day And All Year Long

April 14, 2021 Erin Sweeney

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and moms deserve to be celebrated. Especially throughout this past year, when moms had to manage the unique challenges of family, work and school, as the pandemic drastically shifted responsibilities and priorities. Brands that know where moms spend time online, how they want to be cared for and how they like to celebrate are winning with this important demographic. 

According to the National Retail Foundation (NRF), $204.75 was the average amount consumers planned to spend on Mother’s Day in 2020, with total expected spending to reach $26.7 billion. To encourage Mother’s Day shoppers and moms to browse and purchase, advertisers deployed digital strategies early, with promotional offers, targeted content and frictionless shopping platforms that engage, build interest and drive conversions.

Moms Are Online & Very Social

Like all consumers, moms are shopping online and frequenting social platforms. Edison Research reports that 92% of moms in the U.S. used social media in 2019 compared to 79% of the general population, and 80% of the moms surveyed said they “turn to it [social media] for product recommendations.” Moms also turn to social channels and blogs for connection and a sense of community. 

Moms Want Authentic & Honest Outreach From Brands

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Similar to the general public, moms want communications from brands that are authentic and honest. According to Debbie Welch, director of data science at creative agency Swift, brand communication with moms has “gone away from a super polished, Instagram-perfect place. More and more people are showing the realities of what it means to be a mom — it’s messy, it’s imperfect, and it’s OK to mess up.” Barnes & Noble, Estee Lauder and The Bouqs Co. are listening to moms and showing they understand their need for empathy, relaxing experiences and connections on Mother’s Day with products and activities that honor real experiences and desires. 

Barnes & Noble Targets Moms With Curated Book Lists

Carving out “me time” can be tough for moms, and Barnes & Noble (B&N) understands that. The B&N ecommerce platform features a banner that reads, “Every mom deserves a good book (and some peace and quiet).” The B&N Mother’s Day landing page offers “beautiful books,” “biographies and memoirs mom will love” and “books to read with children” alongside other popular book categories and other gifts for moms, including chocolates, pens, journals and scented candles. Select B&N stores are marketing their Mother’s Day selections with videos of store displays on social media channels along with book and gift recommendations, providing the in-store shopping experience without a trip to the store.  

Estee Lauder Leverages Content Marketing, Partnerships & Promotions To Reach Moms

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Estee Lauder has invested heavily in influencer marketing, sharing in 2019 that the company devoted 75% of their marketing budget to influencers. This year, the company is honoring mothers and daughters for Mother’s Day with Estee Stories, a blog featured on the brand’s website. Instead of celebrity mega-influencers, Estee Lauder is using its own employees in the series called “Moms Know Best: The best beauty lessons we’ve learned from our moms and shared with our daughters.” The Estee Stories feature beauty tips, secrets and memories collected from the Estee Lauder team, including Aerin Lauder, the granddaughter of the brand’s founder. 

A mother-daughter trip to the cosmetics counter is a tradition that has been difficult for many recently, and Estee Lauder is offering a digital replacement for that experience with Livestream on QVC, the home shopping network website. Claudia Benshimol, SVP and GM at Estée Lauder and Aerin Beauty North America, said in an interview about the launch, “QVC offers an opportunity of high-touch service in our brand storytelling across a myriad of consumer touch points.” Adding, “It gives us a new platform to bring the Estée Lauder story to mind in a much more modern way through in-depth tutorials and live engagement.” For ease of purchasing, Estee Lauder created a Mother’s Day landing page featuring gift sets of skincare, fragrances and cosmetics. Estee Lauder is also incentivizing purchases online and through major department stores with promotions aligned with seasonal products. 

The Bouqs Co. Blog And Social Media Appeals To Gift Givers 

The Bouqs Co. blog Fresh Trimmings is featuring an “Ultimate Guide to a Virtual Mother’s Day” with suggestions that include a series of creative solutions for moms that showcase Bouqs Co. gift ideas and celebrations, such as a virtual day in the tropics with one of The Bouqs Co. tropical flower arrangements and a blended tropical drink. The Bouqs Mother’s Day landing page continues this theme, featuring bouquets for moms with titles that evoke traditional Mother’s Day activities including brunch-themed “Love You a Latte,” “Mom-osa,” and “Peach Champagne.” 

For “the forgetful type” of Mother’s Day gift buyers, The Bouqs Co. is marketing its flower subscriptions — “Keep Mom smiling and never miss a Mother's Day again!” To capture the busy shopper who wants to make a quick and easy purchase, each page of The Bouqs Co. website features a one-click “Roses for Mom” button.

Mother’s Day Advertising Needs To Reach The Right People At The Right Time With The Right Messages

Authentic and empathetic messaging, whether for moms or their gifters, is likely to resonate this Mother’s Day. Reaching and engaging shoppers often, with increasing frequency as Mother’s Day approaches, will encourage consumers to take action. Plus, with most Mother’s Day shopping likely to be online this year, shipping deadline reminders are likely to drive conversions.

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