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3 Ways Digital Marketers And Brands Can Prepare For ‘The Decade Of The Home’

September 4, 2020 Sarah Cavill

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2020 is a year that will be discussed for a long, long time. The world has changed, and many industries have transformed how they do business, scale revenues and reach consumers. A recent global report from Accenture concluded that one of the latest implications of the recent societal and economic changes is the ushering in of the “decade of the home,” which will drive “retailers and consumer goods companies to tailor their products and services to drive a more local experience.” For digital marketers, the shift to consumer behaviors becoming more home-based requires aligning strategies and campaigns with where, how and why consumers are spending their money.

Location-Based Marketing Strategies Can Reach Consumers Who Want To Shop Close To Home

56% of consumers are now shopping at stores closer to home, and 79% of them plan to continue doing so for the long term. Major brands that want to reach consumers who are staying in their neighborhoods can use location-based targeting to serve promotions and deals, grabbing consumers’ attention at home with emails and SMS or using display ads while they are out. Social media can also be useful for engaging local shoppers, especially when first-party data helps target campaigns. “We know that data is a critical part of any marketing strategy,” said Gary Drummond, Marketing Manager for Ace Hardware. “By arming our individual store owners with the ability to help and engage consumers at the local level, our stores can effectively connect to their community, answer reviews and provide a forum for helpful solutions in the home maintenance and repair landscape.”

Digital Commerce Solutions Will Continue To Be Important For Consumers

The growth of digital during COVID-19 is the commerce story of 2020. Consumer reliance on home delivery, seamless ecommerce purchases, contactless pick up and other digital services has grown exponentially during the pandemic. And, most consumers that increased their usage of “digitally-enabled services” plan to continue using those services. (See graph below.) It’s likely that while consumers stick close to home and prioritize convenience, brands that refine their digital services and continue to evolve their ecommerce offerings will resonate with consumers.


Home Goods And Services May See An Uptick In Sales While Consumers Are Home More

During the pandemic, many people turned to home improvements, with the Accenture study finding that 50% of consumers spent more time on home improvement projects, and 75% intend to continue. Home improvement and home services brands may find that the “decade of the home” is the right time to reach audiences investing in home repairs and renovations

It’s difficult to know what’s next when so many aspects of American life are at an inflection point. However, brands that can properly hone their data to understand consumer preferences and facilitate optimized digital marketing strategies are likely to find success and loyal customers. By building agile campaigns and ecommerce solutions that are ready to evolve as consumer needs change, brands will be ready for the future, whatever it may bring.

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