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Personalization Prioritized As Brands Increase Email Budgets

February 15, 2021 Sarah Cavill

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Email proved to be fundamentally important to brands and retailers in 2020. And, in 2021, brands across the board plan to continue investing in email, according to recent research. The research found that  “98% of U.S. retail brands plan to spend more on email marketing this year” as marketers seek to make engagement with their audiences more personalized and actionable. 

Of the 1,000 marketers from large U.S. retail brands surveyed, one-third plan to significantly increase their email marketing budgets (by 50% or more).

Personalized Emails Stand Out In The Inbox

With inboxes getting fuller by the day, consumers have low tolerance for the status quo and are looking for reasons to click. Statista predicts that more than 319 billion emails will be sent per day worldwide in 2021, which means that if a brand wants to get noticed, they need to create a unique experience from subject line to click and beyond. The consumer experience shouldn’t stop at the landing page or ecommerce site. Every channel should be optimized to facilitate open rates, engagement, clicks, conversions and long-term repeat business. 

There are several ways that advertisers can personalize their email campaigns, including:

  • Leverage first-party data for segmented deployment of emails with targeted messaging. (Surveys and lead forms in emails can produce data for future use to create even more tightly targeted audiences for email campaigns.)
  • Make product recommendations based on past sales, or send email reminders at  different stages of the buying process (browsing, in-cart, lurking again).
  • Use predictive analysis, emailing based on past behaviors. If timed properly, predictive nurturing emails can be seen as welcome lifelines. 
  • Deploy dynamic email content, by interest, age, gender, location and other demographic factors. Something as simple as a city name or shoutout to a local sports team in an email can make a user feel more connected to a brand. Including gifs, videos and other in-email eye candy can also be effective for keeping users engaged.

Despite years of chatter about the demise of email, the easily personalized messaging channel remains indispensable and a top priority for one-to-messaging.

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