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Facebook Knowledge Panels: Just The Facts

June 17, 2020 Sarah Cavill

Recently, Social Media Today reported that Facebook users were seeing information panels on Facebook when doing a search in the social media platforms. The Facebook panels are similar to Google’s knowledge panels, pulling information from Wikipedia. At first the knowledge panels seemed to only be for European Facebook users, but now they appear more widespread.

What Are The Benefits Of The Facebook Knowledge Panels?

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Insiders say the benefits to Facebook knowledge panels are two-fold. The first being, if users are curious about someone or something they can find out a small amount of information without having to leave Facebook any modification that keeps users in-app is a win. (When applicable there is also a link to Instagram in the Facebook panels, which still keeps users in the family.) 

The other benefit of Facebook knowledge panels is providing a layer of trust to information found on Facebook, which could help the somewhat beleaguered social media platform at a time when there is controversy about Facebook’s relationship with the truth. According to Social Media Today, “It [the Facebook knowledge panel] may also serve as a fact-checking tool for other terms outside of notable identities if you look up 5G, for example, and Facebook highlights a Wikipedia link, that could help to connect people with more credible, researched information on the technology, as opposed to simply displaying a list of the most shared posts relating to conspiracy theories.”

How Can The Facebook Knowledge Panels Help Digital Marketers?

Although at this point, not every subject is covered, the Facebook knowledge panels could be good for brands that don’t have Facebook pages, offering information to users searching on Facebook. And, at a higher level, if Facebook can increase trust with users, it’s better for advertisers. The Facebook knowledge panels are a new feature at this point, and what they can offer digital advertisers will likely evolve and shift over time. In the meanwhile, marketers should make sure their Wikipedia pages are accurate in order to guarantee accurate knowledge panels.

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