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‘Feel Good’ Ad Campaigns Give Consumers Comfort In A Time Of Uncertainty

August 6, 2020 Joelle Beckett

In response to the ongoing pandemic and economic crisis, brands are shifting marketing campaigns to an empathetic approach by offering support and comfort-based advertising. “When people feel wounded and fearful, we very naturally look for allies,” said Kit Yarrow, a consumer psychologist. “For the businesses that look warm and generous and caring during this crisis…rather than impersonal and bureaucratic, there’s truly an opportunity to have a longer-term, deeper relationship with consumers.”

Like a virtual hug, Burger King, Domino's and IKEA are meeting the needs of weary consumers by tapping into the tone of a country looking for positive connections.

Burger King Matches Consumer Sentiment With A Christmas In July Campaign 

Fast-food giant Burger King is responding to the emotional exhaustion of the public by proposing a fast-forward to the end of 2020, focusing on the best part of the year: the holiday season. 

Using the hashtag #wrapup2020, the Burger King campaign commercial features a store with Christmas lights, holiday music and customers in facemasks supporting the time jump by expressing exhaustion over 2020. Burger King is also offering food specials as “gifts” for the season. “Giving you the greatest holiday gift of all: skipping to the end of 2020,” explained Burger King’s Facebook posts, offering a two for $5 special “gift.” 

Domino’s Implements A UGC Digital Marketing Strategy, Tapping Customers To Make Home Movies

Domino’s Homemade Film Festival campaign asks customers of the popular pizza chain to use their smartphones and time at home to create unique home movies about their experiences with Domino’s Pizza. “Millions of Americans are spending more time than ever at home and looking for activities to entertain their families,” said Kate Trumbull, Domino's Vice President of Advertising. “What better way to have a fun day than to make a home movie and possibly win free pizza for a year because of it? Domino's might even use some of the submissions in a future TV commercial!”

Domino’s customers are prompted to create well-lit, 60-second or shorter movies about any pizza-related topic, including how they wait for their pizza deliveries and inventive ways to reuse pizza boxes. Video submissions are accepted through August 21 and customers can visit this site to vote for their favorite home movies during the September 7-11 time period.

User-generated content (UGC) has become a popular and effective marketing tactic employed by many brands during COVID-19. While much of the professional video production featuring live actors has been on hold, brands turned to UGC content to further establish consumer engagement, trust and feelings of connectedness. For now, satisfied audiences expressing their support via DIY content, has, in some cases, replaced polished, scripted productions. UGC marketing has proven its effectiveness by getting a 20% increase in return visitors to their site and 28% higher engagement on UGC social media posts.

IKEA Promotes Staycation Options To Entertain Consumers

With COVID-19 limiting travel this year, IKEA Dubai’s Vacations in a Box campaign aims to offer consumers a faraway vacation from the comfort of their own homes. The “boxed vacations” contain items that set the stage for trips around the world, at least emotionally. 

For example, the France box includes items for a romantic visit to Paris and a booklet to download with recipes, music and activity suggestions to get a taste of the French culture. IKEA’s home furnishing accessories, like dishes and baskets, are included in the box.

Other regions customers can visit with IKEA’s vacation boxes include Tokyo, Turkey, Cappadocia, and The Maldives. These curated, themed boxes can be purchased online or at the IKEA Dubai store. 

“Right now, many people are unable to put a tick mark on the dream destination they had planned for this year,” said Carla Klumpenaar, General Manager of Marketing, Communications, and Interior Design at IKEA UAE. “With our Vacations in a Box, it’s easy for people to experience a French-style candlelit dinner or sip green tea while kneeling on cushions inspired by Tokyo.”

From reduced vacation travel to an increased need for comfort foods, it’s vital for brands to consider the unique challenges of today’s society. For some brands, this means recognizing the emotional demands of consumers when deploying marketing strategies. Authentic campaigns that offer feelings of connection, whether it’s mental vacations or excitement about the upcoming holidays, can reach weary consumers looking for moments of escape from 2020.

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