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Google Ads Testing New Lead Form Extensions: Just The Facts

October 24, 2019 Sarah Cavill

Google Ads is offering new lead form extensions. Although only available to businesses in “non-sensitive” verticals in beta form at the moment, the extensions aim to capture detailed consumer information, with fields specifically chosen by the advertisers.

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Google Ads New Lead Form Extensions Entice Users With Attractive CTAs

The new Google Ads lead form extensions allow advertisers to create extensions on their ads to entice consumers to click. Example extensions include CTAs boasting promotions or reward offers that, once clicked, require users to fill out lead forms before moving further. The lead extension beta test was first discovered by a digital marketing consultant in the UK, who shared an image of the Google Ads lead form extension on Twitter. (See image)

Google Lead Forms Can Be Customized By Advertisers

The new Google lead forms can be customized by advertisers to include fields for customer name, email, phone number and zip code. Advertisers can include their own titles, descriptions, background images and post-submission messages. At least for the beta test, it does not appear that custom fields can be added.

Once forms are completed, users can be delivered direct downloads or directed to websites.

Advertisers’ Existing CRMs Will Integrate With New Google Ads Extensions

Leads can be downloaded from Google as .csv files or, via API, leads generated with the new Google Ads lead extensions can be sent in real time to advertisers’ CRMs. By integrating CRMs and Google Ads, advertisers should be able to measure the success of specific ad language down to the keywords, gain a clearer understanding of whether campaigns are meeting sales goals and track and target responsive audiences for future optimizations.

How Will Google Ads Lead Extensions Impact Digital Marketers?

Paid search has long been a channel effective at delivering high-quality, in-market consumers. With Google Ads lead extensions, it may be easier for brands to scale their paid search lead volume. However, the quality of those leads will need to be measured closely, as the brand and product awareness for consumers submitting leads directly from the SERP (search engine results page) is likely to be lower than for consumers submitting leads on landing pages with brand and product information.

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