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Hidden Valley Ranch Creates Funny Commercials Aimed At Their Superfans

March 7, 2019 Sarah Cavill

Drinking Hidden Valley Ranch

To some, Hidden Valley Ranch (HVR) is a delightful dip for veggies or a pleasing dressing for salad. For others, it is a lifestyle. A mission to never waste a drop, or let a party pass without a ranch infusion. To that end, Hidden Valley Ranch recently worked with comic actor and director Zach Braff to create four hilarious, cringey spots celebrating the HVR-passionate among us. Coincidentally, March celebrates National Chip and Dip Day, National Potato Chip Day and National Cheese Doodle Day, so a celebration of snacking, especially with snack-sized, 15-second commercial spots, seems appropriate.

The Most Audacious Hidden Valley Ranch Commercial Was Also A Brand Integration With ABC

The HVR tagline, “You either love it, or you really love it,” captures the dedication of ranch lovers everywhere. The passion is especially evident in the TSA spot that shows a traveler’s commitment to not wasting her HVR. Over 3 ounces? No problem. Down the hatch. The nonchalant guzzling of the actress in the commercial is priceless, and that same tone imbues all the other spots as well. No shame in the ranch-love game. The TSA spot also provided an integration opportunity between HVR and ABC. On the January 24th episode of ABC drama A Million Little Things, a character pitched a commercial identical to the TSA spot, complete with brand placement and the HVR tagline.

HVR Counts On The Passion Of Their Customers To Move Their Product

hidden valley ranch blob

“We continue to be so energized by the love and passion consumers have for Hidden Valley Ranch,” says Jacquie Klein, Hidden Valley Ranch’s Marketing Director. “We are not only inspired by our superfans, but also we are superfans ourselves.” By counting on their customers’ love of the product, HVR and Braff were able to create funny spots where consumers go all in, and even poke a little fun, without worrying the brand has gone too far. The snapshot nature of the commercials is also effective for selling the product and the punchline. In all, there are four commercials scheduled to air, primarily when younger consumers are watching. This demographic may be more likely to appreciate the “meet cute” potential of using your own chip to tidy up a blob of errant ranch dripped on someone else’s shirt. It’s a ranch thing.

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