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Deleting Consumer Data Under CCPA Compliance Guidelines

June 16, 2020 Sarah Cavill

On June 5, IAB Tech Lab released a standard solution for brands and publishers required to meet California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) regulations. Enforcement of the CCPA goes into effect on July 1. 

How Does The IAB Solution For CPPA Work?

Shutterstock_1590884833 CCPA concept: a white computer keyword with a lock, a California shape and the text California consumer privacy act

The IAB solution for CCPA is a plug-in that works directly with publisher websites. According to AdAge, “When consumers click a button to have their data deleted, a command to delete personal information is sent to all of a publisher’s partners eliminating the need to manually remove data.”

“We want to give our members in the industry at large the technical pipes for signaling to their partners easily,” said Alex Cone, Senior Director of Product Management at the IAB Tech Lab. “Our spec gives publishers the ability to communicate that with a couple of lines of code.”

Why Is A One-Size-Fits-Most Solution Ideal For CCPA Compliance?

Under CCPA regulations, companies that work directly with consumers have 45 days to comply when consumers request their data be deleted. CCPA violations tied to not deleting data can be costly, at $2500 a pop for general violations and $7500 if a violation is considered intentional. A one-size-fits-most solution can make the process of deleting consumer data and informing partners to do the same much more turnkey for publishers. “The Tech Lab’s solution is free for everyone,” said Cone. 

What About Companies Working With Consent Management Platforms?

In preparation for CCPA compliance, many brands built out consent management platforms (CMP) to manage the preferences of their customers. IAB Tech Labs considered CMPs when developing their CCPA compliance standard solution, allowing for easy CMP integration.

Other states have laws similar to California’s CCPA, and eventually the IAB Tech Labs standard is planned to be available to manage requirements of these states and other countries developing similar compliance guidelines. 

Which Compliance Regulations Are Most And Least Understood In The Digital Marketing Industry?

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