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Insurance Brands Drive Engagement And Enrollments With Digital Advertising Innovations

November 24, 2020 Sarah Cavill

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In 2020, many people took stock of what mattered to them in their lives, which included prioritizing families, health and overall well-being. Throughout the year, there was an uptick in searches for and enrollment in life insurance, and many insurance brands have responded to this shifting consumer interest by launching meaningful advertising campaigns. Health and life insurance brands offered authentic connections, differentiating their services from other insurers and creating seamless enrollment opportunities, in an effort to appeal to younger consumers and offer valued services for all audiences.

Meanwhile, for auto insurance carriers, pandemic-related changes in consumer habits presented new challenges and new opportunities. Less commuting, more road trips and an expectation from consumers of more access to savings, were consistent themes for auto insurers in 2020. As consumer behaviors and desires have evolved, so has the audience engagement of many insurance brands that are creating emotional connections with consumers and embracing digital technologies.

Insurance Trends Meet Changing Consumer Attitudes With Creativity, Digital Solutions And Innovation

Modern insurance trends often result in the need for digital innovations. By deploying technology effectively, insurance advertisers can stay ahead of changing consumer expectations and habits and meet their target audiences where they are, while still offering the reliable services consumers expect. 

Here is a roundup of the DMS Insights insurance articles that reflect recent trends in digital advertising across insurance sectors.

4 Auto Insurance Shopping Predictions

Based on consumer lifestyle changes and new behaviors, DMS predicted four trends for car insurance shopping in Q4 2020 and 2021. Among the predictions, continued flexibility from auto insurers is expected, as commuting stays on the backburner and consumers search out the best plans and premiums. DMS also predicted consumers will seek out insurance for alternative vehicles like RVs, especially as road-tripping grows in popularity.

3 Life Insurance Brands Make Emotional Connections And Offer Digital Solutions

Life insurance brands deploy advertising that appeals to human emotions to connect with consumers while touting digital solutions that make enrollment easier. Younger consumers in particular respond to authentically conveyed emotions, whether touching or humorous, and may be more likely to choose an insurance provider that makes them feel good about their choice.

3 Creative And Innovative Insurance Marketing Campaigns From Around The World

Insurance carriers in Europe create fun and distinctive marketing campaigns to differentiate their brands. From the very direct approach to puppies and animation, international insurance brands capture the audiences’ imagination with humor and heart. Insurance brands that can tell their stories in memorable ways may be more likely to resonate with consumers.

What Is Usage-Based Insurance?

As technology around car manufacturing has gotten more sophisticated and car ownership practices have evolved, so has car insurance. Usage-based insurance (UBI) offerings, including personalized premiums for drivers, are on the rise across insurance carriers.

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