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Liberty Mutual Insurance Releases A Series Of Commercials Featuring New Mascot LiMu The Emu

March 11, 2019 Sarah Cavill

The AFLAC duck. The Geico gecko. And now the Liberty Mutual emu. In a series of buddy-cop inspired commercials, LiMu the Emu and his human sidekick Doug are on a mission to educate consumers on Liberty Mutual’s customized insurance plans. Customer interactions can be tricky when you’re an unwieldy, small-brained bird, so hilarity ensues.

liberty mutual insurance limu emo

“We want to help our customers get the best value out of their insurance policy by customizing their coverage so they have exactly what they need and never overpay,” said Emily Fink, Chief Marketing Officer, U.S. Global Retail Markets at Liberty Mutual Insurance. “We're introducing this memorable duo of LiMu Emu and Doug to demonstrate Liberty Mutual's customized approach to insurance with a bit of surprise and humor.”

Keeping Pace With Competitors Was A Motivation Behind The New Mascot   

Liberty Mutual’s agency of record points to the competitive nature of the insurance sector and a desire to stand out in a crowded market, with “LiMu and Doug [bringing] a much-needed emu-and-human-sidekick elegance to it all.” These memorable spots feature the dynamic duo interacting with potential Liberty Mutual Insurance customers. The pair convey the central message of unique insurance options for individuals, while managing LiMu’s confusion when he sees himself in a store window or eats the contents of a desk drawer.

LiMu is a mix of CGI and a real bird, and he is decked out in aviators and desk jockey shirt sleeves and tie — just like Doug.

The New Campaign Is A Departure From Prior Liberty Mutual Efforts

Liberty Mutual has relied heavily since 2014 on their “truth tellers” campaign, which features customers standing in front of The Statue of Liberty, earnestly explaining their most recent accidents or need to file claims. The truth teller commercials have become increasingly more amusing over the years, allowing Liberty Mutual to grow more comfortable with using humor. Enter LiMu. His hijinks are much more outwardly ridiculous, but the messaging remains consistent. Liberty Mutual wants to reassure customers they won’t over pay for customized plans, which taps into the consumer comfort zone with insurance products.

The LiMu campaign will be aired as 15 and 30 second spots on TV and radio, with cross-promotional social coordination, including Instagram stories, Facebook and Twitter.

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