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Virtual Try-On Options For Jewelry This Valentine’s Day

February 11, 2020 Sarah Cavill

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Happy Almost Valentine’s Day! Whether single or coupled, giving yourself jewelry or hoping someone else does, Cupid’s big day is a good excuse to add some sparkle to your life. The National Retail Federation (NRF) predicts Valentine’s Day spending will be up 32% this year, with totals expected to reach $27.4 billion and jewelry accounting for more than 20% of the gift giving.

The growing popularity of augmented reality (AR) has made selecting jewelry – for any occasion – a more interactive process, allowing shoppers to try on rings, earrings, watches and other jewelry virtually before even stepping foot in a store or ordering online. Here are three jewelry stores offering effective AR for consumers.

brilliant earth virtual try-on engagement ring

Brilliant Earth Offers Virtual Try-On For Rings

It’s no surprise that many couples choose Valentine’s Day to put a ring on it, and odds are the bride-to-be tried on a few rings beforehand. Brilliant Earth, a jewelry company that ethically sources its diamonds, offers Virtual Try-On for ring shoppers. According to Brilliant Earth, once on the site, shoppers select “Virtual Try-On” from their favorite “ring setting” page, snap a shot of their hand or upload a picture and then the customizing begins. Diamond shape, carat size and precious metal can all be changed to create the perfect setting, and Brilliant Earth encourages their customers to share pics of the various options with friends, on Pinterest or other social media platforms.

The Kollectin App Launches XPERIENCE Mode For AR Jewelry Try-On

Hipster ecommerce jewelry brand Kollectin announced mid-2019 that it was launching XPERIENCE, a virtual try-on experience that lets shoppers of the influencer-touted site use their phones to try n and shop for jewelry. A quick swipe up and the jewelry is added to shoppers’ carts and delivered straight to their doors — a convergence of all the shopping attributes younger consumers love: personalization, convenience and seamless delivery.

“Our new augmented reality feature places earrings and necklaces on your live video image in the Kollectin app, allowing users like yourself to accurately see the look and size of the piece as if you were actually wearing it,” said Kollectin in the press release hyping the new feature for jewelry shoppers.

Watches Get In On The AR Game And Make Great Gifts For Valentine’s Day

WatchBox, a global ecommerce company that sells pre-owned luxury watches launched an AR feature last year to reduce their amount of returned watches. “Technology plays a crucial role for WatchBox and our omni-channel approach,” said Danny Govberg, Co-Founder of WatchBox. “But it's not just technology for technology's sake. Every innovation we pursue always has the end goal of providing personalized service, education, expert council and convenience for our customers. Our investment into augmented reality is for our e-commerce customers to feel confident in their online purchase.”

The AR try-on feature is available through the app and allows consumers to “see” the watch on their wrist, with approximate size and shape dimensions of the luxury watch shoppers are considering.

Brands that capitalize on both the practical – more information, less returns – and cool techy aspects of their AR activations can entice consumers who might otherwise feel reluctant to make big budget purchases like jewelry or a watch online. Alternately, trying on before heading to the store is another way consumers can feel more confident in their purchases.

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