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DTC Mattress Brands Optimize Marketing Strategies With Eco-Friendly Options And Charitable Partnerships

July 29, 2020 Sarah Cavill

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Last year, 45% of mattresses sold were purchased online, and 12% of all mattress sales were with direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands. The competition among DTC mattress brands has increased as more and more DTC mattress companies open. A crowded market, particularly for a big ticket item that often can’t be tried out before purchase, requires that brands differentiate themselves from other similar products. Whether it’s offering the best promotion or making the most Earth-friendly product, a brand’s digital marketing strategy needs to help them edge ahead of the competition. 

Promotions Keep Many Mattresses Affordable For Consumers

Mattresses are notoriously expensive, and one of the appealing aspects of DTC mattresses is that they offer comfort without exorbitant price tags. However, with more than 175 “bed in a box” solutions on the market, promotions can still be very effective ways for mattress brands to get noticed. For instance, Casper, a leader in the DTC mattress universe, recently introduced its new Nova Hybrid Mattress, which debuted with a 15% off promotion. In another example, Nectar mattresses, as part of their list building strategy, is offering a limited-time-only (LTO) discount which can be activated after a user submits an email address.

Many Mattress Companies Form Strategic Partnerships With Charities 

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become an increasingly important part of many brands’ marketing strategies. CSR appeals to younger shoppers, who tend to prefer outspoken brands, and the right partnership can offer increased brand recognition and loyalty. Casper has made more than 70,000 donations of sleep products to charities including International Rescue Committee and Sense of Home, while Avocado Green Mattresses and Bear mattress give 1% of all sales to charities in line with their brand missions, including the environment and supporting young athletes. And, following a strategy similar to buy one gift one, Leesa mattress donates one mattress of every 10 sold to a child or family in need, working with charities that provide safe places to sleep for struggling families. 

Organic Mattress Brands Offer Eco-Friendly Options For Consumers

The average mattress may not be made out of eco-friendly materials or be recyclable, and many DTC mattress brands have responded by creating eco-friendly products that are still comfortable and durable. There are multiple brands competing in the environmentally friendly mattress market within a market, but each offers something a little different to set it apart.

Live and Sleep, which is a gel memory foam mattress brand, provides a gel foam pillow with each mattress order and offers a trial period of 30-100 days depending on the style of mattress. The three Live and Sleep mattress styles are all sold at varying price points and provide different features and comfort quality. The Live and Sleep founders tested more than 100 foam mattresses before creating one that was non-toxic, green and comfortable. 

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My Green Mattress was created when founder Tim Masters was in search of something that didn’t exacerbate his daughter’s allergies. My Green Mattress deploys their family-friendly campaigns across social media and in their content marketing, including a blog on their website, aimed at keeping families informed about how to stay healthy and rested. My Green Mattress also sells mattresses in kid and crib sizes.

Avocado Mattress is a 100% organic certified latex, cotton and wool mattress, making it one of the few DTC mattresses that isn’t foam. Avocado Mattress is a vertically integrated business structure. The company raises their own sheep and rubber trees and owns the L.A.-based factory where the mattresses are made. This sustainable and ethical “farm-to-mattress” method is a defining feature of the Avocado Mattress brand and is reflected across their marketing strategies, including their #livegreen campaign which includes a video called “Bedtime Story” shared across social platforms, promoting the importance of caring for the planet.

Brands that are able to effectively target certain buyers, including families, eco-warriors or shoppers looking for deals may be more likely to engage niche audiences, generate leads and boost customer acquisition. Optimized marketing strategies, including charitable partnerships, can also create connections with consumers that encourage loyalty, positive reviews and word-of-mouth support.

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