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3 Brands Promoting Real People And Underrepresented Groups In New Advertising Campaigns

May 13, 2021 Sarah Cavill

While slick influencers and high intensity campaigns will always have a place in advertising, just as action heroes will always be popular in movies, many consumers are looking for brands that offer more “real” connections. A 2018 study by Sprout Social found that “When customers feel connected to brands, more than half of consumers (57%) will increase their spending with that brand, and 76% will buy from them over a competitor.” More recently, Deloitte found that the pandemic had increased consumer desire to feel seen by brands, explaining, “Consumers’ product purchases are driven by desire to connect with something deeper — a brand association that, apart from the visual imprints, includes an emotional bond with brands.”

Many brands, including Degree, LIFEWTR and All Good, are reaching consumers by featuring real people, prioritizing diversity and deploying stirring campaigns, across social media and other channels, that resonate with “real” consumers. 

Degree Creates Adaptive Deodorant For People With Disabilities, With Promotions Across Social Media

Degree unilever

More than one in four adults in the U.S. lives with disabilities, but representation in advertising has been difficult to come by. However, recently brands are making more of an effort to be inclusive of people with disabilities, launching products and advertising that consider the experiences and needs of the disabled community. Degree, owned by Unilever, created Degree Inclusive, a deodorant adapted for people with a range of physical differences, including low vision and upper limb motor disabilities. The product design for Degree Inclusive is in beta now, while 200 consumers from the disabled community try it out ahead of launch. The adaptive Degree Inclusive product is being promoted with a commercial featuring Nick, a man with upper limb disabilities, that Unilever is sharing across social media including Twitter and Instagram. Unilever is committed to creating more inclusive, diverse advertising — in front of and behind the camera.

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LIFEWTR Launches Life Unseen Campaign With Issa Rae To Highlight Underrepresented Artists 

“As a creative and an avid consumer, I've witnessed firsthand how bias flows through fashion, film, music, visual arts and other creative territories,” explained multi-talented actor, writer, producer Issa Rae in the press release kicking off the LIFEWTR “Life Unseen” campaign. “LIFEWTR understands that creativity literally doesn't exist without diversity of culture, perspective and interpretation. Together, we're inviting everyone to help shine a light so the work of unseen artists can be seen.” The multichannel LIFEWTR campaign includes “four key campaign elements” from a microsite to social media promotion. The elements include:

  • The Life Unseen Study which examines the disparities in “major creative industries, including fashion, film, music and visual arts, that impact those of diverse, underrepresented backgrounds, including people of color, persons with physical disabilities, the LGBTQ+ community and women.”
  • The Life Unseen Artist Collective which features 20 artists from different disciplines whose work will be highlighted on the LIFEWTR website and featured on “LIFEWTR brand's largest bottle collection to date.”
  • The #LifeUnseenContest that invites “consumers to enter for a chance [until July 30, 2021] to win $10,000 to fund their next fashion, film, music or visual arts endeavor, a dedicated mentorship session with Issa Rae to provide valuable advice and insights, and see their completed work added to the Life Unseen gallery on” The hashtag can also be used online to encourage unseen artists to enter the contest.
  • The Life Unseen launch video which features five of the featured creatives and kicks off the campaign.

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Real Parents Featured By All Good Diapers, A Collaboration Between P&G, Walmart And Nonprofit Partner Feeding America

real good diapers

Procter & Gamble (P&G), a leader in the baby diaper category, released All Good diapers in 2020. The diapers, which come in slick packaging and promise a cushier, comfier, paraben and fragrance-free experience for babies, are available only through Walmart, with consumers browsing the P&G site sent directly to the Walmart ecommerce platform for purchase. All Good diapers also partnered with Feeding America, donating a day's worth of diapers through the nonprofit every time a box of diapers is purchased, with more than three million diapers donated so far. The brand features real parents and babies in their social media advertising, highlighting Black fathers and parents who are doing good in their communities with the hashtags #blackfatherhood and #AllGoodParentstoKnow. 

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