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Kitchen Appliance Brands Go Digital As Kitchen Renovations Heat Up

February 11, 2021 Sarah Cavill

Whether it’s sourdough or banana bread, people have been cooking more during the pandemic. They’ve also been renovating more, and kitchens are high up on the list, especially in 2021. Creating the ultimate space for cooking, comfort and keeping loved ones close is a priority for consumers right now. “Consumers have undertaken a lot of remodeling in 2020, but significant opportunity remains, especially for the kitchen and bath market, going into 2021,” said Todd Tomalak, principal at John Burns Real Estate Consulting. 

In addition to the beauty and pleasure a new kitchen brings, a kitchen remodel is almost always a good return on investment. Many appliance brands, including Big Chill, Samsung and Ilve, are deploying digital strategies on their websites and across social media to reach consumers ready to update their kitchens. 

Big Chill Sells Kitchen Appliances Via DTC Model & Deploys Content Marketing To Promote Its Unique Offerings

Big Chill Sells Kitchen Appliances

The unique, retro, candy-colored fridges and stoves from Big Chill, an 18-year old appliance brand based in Boulder, CO, differentiates the brand from many of its competitors. Stainless steel appliances have been touted as the most desirable for many years, but some consumers gravitate toward more distinctive looks for their kitchens, and the high-end designs of Big Chill resonate with consumers who want something special. In order to promote its fun products, Big Chill has several touchpoints across social media, including Instagram, where the brand regularly posts pictures of the products in customers’ homes, and on YouTube, where Big Chill has short videos offering tours of their products. According to Hubspot, “70% of viewers bought from a brand after seeing it on YouTube,” making YouTube an ideal place to advertise. The Big Chill website includes videos, with instructional content related to basic maintenance. Videos are an effective content marketing tool, especially when they solve common problems or answer frequently asked questions. 

Online shopping has been essential throughout the last 12 months, and consumers are shopping online for appliances too. Big Chill offers direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales, with a variety of shipping options, including touchfree curbside delivery, a safe option which is still desirable for many shoppers. Big Chill also works with buy-now pay-later service (BNPL) Affirm, an increasingly popular choice for shoppers making big purchases.

The Samsung ‘Smart Kitchen’ Landing Page Highlights Connected Kitchen Appliances For Busy Families & Tech Savvy Users

One of the biggest trends in kitchen designs is smart appliances. According to Residential Tech Today, “Smart appliance revenue has grown every year since 2016 and is expected to jump over 30% from [2019] until 2022.” Samsung, which sells a range of smart appliances, created its smart kitchen landing page on its website with detailed videos, articles and comparison tools explaining the different options a connected kitchen offers. With targeted messaging that appeals to busy families, harried moms and tech savvy users, the Samsung smart kitchen content engages and nurtures consumers considering smart appliances, leveraging easy click throughs to learn more about features, explore products or make purchases.

Italian Appliance Brand Ilve Deploys AR For Shoppers Of Its High-End Stoves & Ranges

Ilve stove

High-end kitchen appliances deliver both beauty and function. “If budget[s] allow, luxury appliances can be worth the cost. They can add value to home[s], make preparing meals faster and easier, and add aesthetic beauty,” noted a blog post from design brand Toulmin Kitchen & Bath. However, not being sure whether or not an expensive range will look good can be a concern, especially when consumers are buying online. Ilve, a nearly 70-year old Italian appliance brand, uses augmented reality (AR) so consumers can see how their selected appliances might look when installed. The “configuration” tab on the Ilve website is where consumers can customize appliances by color and type and use the mobile optimized XRViewer to place their newly kitted-out stoves “into” their kitchen designs. The Ilve AR tool is only available on the Italian site, but the products are the same as those on the U.S-based site. Ilve USA also deploys several digital strategies on its website, including comparison tools and virtual consultations.

Customization & Technology Are The Future Of Kitchen Appliances, And Advertising Must Convey The Options

Many kitchen appliances are offering customizations as appliance manufacturers get savvy to the personalization trend that is getting more and more popular with consumers. Customizations and personal touches, plus the connectivity consumers want, satisfies consumers while offering future opportunities for appliance brands with tech companies, virtual assistants and recipe hubs. According to Food Business News, “The kitchen of the future will be significantly different from today, with personalization and automation seen as likely enhancements. These features may offer additional opportunities for food manufacturers and marketers to engage with consumers and deliver products and ingredients that fit such emerging trends.” 

By deploying digital strategies that engage consumers, highlighting the trends of today and making it easier than ever to access up-to-the-minute customer service, appliance brands are moving out of the big box stores and directly into consumers’ homes.

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