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The Cross-Channel Marketing Trifecta

April 14, 2015 Digital Media Solutions

Cross-channel marketing is the art and science of reaching and interacting with the right audience by conducting coordinated media campaigns with consistent messaging across various marketing channels at each stage of the purchase funnel. The goal is to achieve more efficient and cost-effective acquisition results by looking at marketing efforts holistically rather than individually within each channel..

Never in the history of mankind has there been so many communication channels, devices, screens or technologies available for consumers to evaluate and interact with a brand, product or service. The diversity of available digital channels combined with the wide range of data points available throughout the prospective customer journey creates a big headache for marketers. At the same time, I believe it can provide a unique and important opportunity to enhance and extend a brand’s message and value proposition.

For marketers judged daily by the end-goal of customer acquisition, it is essential to understand how various communication channels interact, assist and impact one another. Unfortunately, performance evaluations are often restricted to individual campaigns or channels, resulting in a linear (and limited) view of success. This last-touchpoint or last-click reality delivers a limited view of the influence that each channel provides in converting a prospect. It’s like attempting to understand a painting by looking at only the lash brush stroke, or critiquing a film after only viewing the final one-minute clip.

When tracking correctly, marketers realize the trifecta of today’s cross-channel digital marketing success is not so different from the classical funnel marketing approach:

  1. Create brand awareness in upper-funnel campaigns

  2. Reinforce brand value proposition and messaging in mid-funnel campaigns to generate consideration and demand

  3. Be there to capture the demand when and where the consumer is finally ready to take action

It’s one thing to describe it, but how does this visually appear for the educational funnel? Probably something like this:

If you’re struggling to get started, bring in an expert. If you want someone to help dissect your data and get you on the track to success, DMS is ready to roll our sleeves up and get to work. Fill out this form to get your free marketing campaign audit started.

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