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What Are Twitter Conversation Settings For Ads?

April 14, 2021 Sarah Cavill

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Twitter introduced “conversation settings” for Twitter users last summer, and has recently announced the extension of this feature to Twitter ads, allowing brands to gain more control over how followers interact with them. “Since these [conversation setting] capabilities became available organically to everyone on Twitter in August, brands have experimented with using these settings in a variety of ways, from broaching important topics, to hosting panel discussions, to creating fun, cheeky interactions with their audiences,” noted Twitter in the announcement. The extension of conversation settings to ads allows advertisers to initiate more personalized or targeted conversations. 

What Are Twitter Conversation Settings?

Twitter conversation settings are audience controls, allowing users to limit who can comment on their Tweets. With the expansion of Twitter conversation settings, advertisers will now be able to control who responds to their ads on Twitter.

Can All Twitter Ad Formats Use Conversation Settings?

Advertisers can curate conversation settings for Tweets including those composed directly through Tweet Composer or through the Twitter Ads API, explained Twitter. Adding, “This update will extend the ability to apply conversation settings to Promoted-only Tweets and to those [advertisers] that use our most popular ad formats, in addition to organic Tweets.”

What Audience Options Are Available With Twitter Conversation Settings For Ads?

There are three audience options available with Twitter conversation settings that are now also possible with ads. Advertisers can choose:

  • Everyone: Connect with everyone on Twitter, as you do today.
  • People you follow: Feel comfortable Tweeting by engaging with people you trust
  • Only people you mention: Host a conversation with a curated guest list or don’t mention anyone which will disable all replies.

When ads are composed, the conversation setting will default to “everyone.” In lieu of the default, advertisers must choose which conversation settings they want for specific ads to align with their messaging, engagement and campaign goals.

How Do Twitter Conversation Settings For Ads Benefit Advertisers?

Since Twitter launched conversation settings last summer, 11 million people have applied the settings to more than 70 million conversations, showing a clear demand for a measure of control over the often rapid fire and, at times, contentious chatter on Twitter. Like consumers, advertisers also want control of who they engage. Twitter conversation settings offer advertisers the ability to steer conversations and interactions stemming from paid ads in directions that benefit messaging and campaign KPIs. 

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