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What Is ShopRunner?

May 6, 2021 Sarah Cavill

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In a recent deal, set to take effect later this year, “Adobe and delivery giant FedEx are joining forces to bring free two-day shipping to online merchants to help them better compete with the likes of Amazon and Walmart,” reports Lisa Lacy for Adweek. The deal will integrate ShopRunner into ecommerce platform Adobe Commerce.

What Is ShopRunner?

ShopRunner is a membership platform that consumers can join for an annual fee, giving them access to free two-day shipping and returns with participating brands. Some credit card companies include ShopRunner as a free perk, and many brands include “members-only” discounts and promotions for consumers that use ShopRunner. As of 2019, ShopRunner had 10 million members.

What Does The FedEx/Adobe Commerce Partnership Mean For ShopRunner And Brands?

The acquisition of ShopRunner by FedEx in December 2020 was seen as an opportunity for both ShopRunner and FedEx to expand their ecommerce tools and reach, and for FedEx to get back in the game after parting ways, mostly, with Amazon. With the new FedEx/Adobe Commerce partnership, Adobe Commerce merchants, including major brands like Under Armour and Verizon, should be able to easily add ShopRunner to their ecommerce platforms and gain access to millions of ShopRunner members. “Any of our merchants who want to participate in the ShopRunner program … will be able to just download an extension from the Adobe Commerce marketplace [and] install that configuration,” said Peter Sheldon, senior director of commerce strategy at Adobe.

The ability to make returns more seamless via the technology and services of FedEx, including label-less returns and easy drop off, creates an added advantage for brands and retailers that participate with ShopRunner. Additionally, “Adobe merchants [gain] access to FedEx post-purchase logistics intelligence, which will help them drive demand, reduce cost and gain customer insights.”

What Does The Expansion Of ShopRunner Mean For Brands?

“In a year when online shopping in the U.S. grew 42%... ecommerce became a make-or-break capability for every company regardless of size or industry,” explained Adobe in its announcement about the FedEx partnership and expansion of ShopRunner. Brands that are able to promote seamless shopping, shipping and returns are often able to differentiate themselves from much of the competition and acquire new customers. Likewise, communicating those capabilities across channels, including social media, email and push, can mitigate cart abandonment issues and worries about shipping delays.

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