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Window Wars: Brands Must Differentiate To Attract Consumers

July 22, 2020 Sarah Cavill

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The windows and doors market is a $160 billion industry, and windows are among the home improvement projects with the highest ROI. Inside a competitive environment that requires differentiation in order to capture consumer attention, window brands have evolved to include a number of different materials, price options and frequent promotions.

Andersen Windows Debuts New Look To Update Their Heritage Brand Image

Many window companies are heritage brands with decades of experience in installation, customization and adapting to new window trends. Andersen is among those brands, having been in the window business for 116 years. However, continuing to evolve is essential for brands to stay relevant, which Andersen recognized with a recent rebrand and the launch of a new national campaign. According to an announcement about the change, the new look “announces a bold evolution of [Andersen’s] iconic brand that celebrates home design as part of the everyday moments and once-in-a-lifetime experiences that inspire today's homeowner.” 

The brand’s new tagline, “Love the life you see,” also serves as inspiration for the campaign, which focuses on the “aspirational and everyday experiences building professionals strive for and homeowners expect.” In the newest spot a mother and daughter install a window in a dollhouse to let the sunshine in, sharing the light they have in their own home from Andersen windows.

Marvin Windows Promotes Their Smart Home Technology

Marvin, a window brand known for their made-to-order, high-end designs, entered the smart home market with home automation sensors in their windows that connect to existing in-home systems. Marvin Windows explains on their website, “The sensor can be wired or wirelessly connected, sending a signal to your integrated smart home security system to indicate if windows and doors are closed and locked or unlocked, providing peace of mind when security is a concern.” 

The global smart home market is currently a more than $70 billion dollar industry, with 11% growth predicted over the next five years. Although other brands also offer smart home technologies, Marvin’s factory-installed integrated system, especially for a brand that already markets to affluent consumers expecting customization, is an effective differentiator for Marvin Windows. 

Pella Embraces Hashtag Campaigns To Inspire Hope And Promote Charitable Partnerships

As one of the leading window brands in the country, Pella has a great deal of name recognition and has used its position as a leader in the industry to partner with charitable foundations: “For the second year in a row, [Pella] is supporting Fine Homebuilding's #KeepCraftAlive movement by committing $30,000 to the #KeepCraftAlive Scholarship Fund.” The funds are distributed to SkillsUSA students in $2,500 increments. 

Pella also weighed in during the coronavirus crisis, encouraging people to stay positive with their #buildinghope commercial and Instagram campaign. Families and children were encouraged to download Pella’s “hope lives here” coloring sheets, and, after decorating them, post the finished products on Instagram. The window brand explained, “Whether it is with teddy bears or joyful hearts, our communities are finding ways to use windows to show unity. To support you, we’ve created printable coloring pages to help keep little hands busy and build hope in your home and neighborhood.”

Milgard Windows Deploys Multiple Lead Generation Forms On Their Website

For window brands that rely on installation as a significant part of their business, gathering leads is an essential part of customer acquisition. Milgard Windows and Doors has several different lead generation forms on their website, offering consumers multiple points of access and Milgard a number of data collection opportunities. Consumers can get quotes, request a brochure or request consultations. The variety of lead forms on the website provides Milgard with multiple opportunities to engage, learn about prospective customers and optimize the user experience for enhanced form fill rates moving forward. For home services, effective lead generation allows for email and SMS marketing that can nurture prospects until they are ready to buy. 

For home service products, like windows, differentiation and smart customer engagement strategies are fundamental parts of being successful. Updated campaigns, tech innovations, social media strategies and list building may offer the necessary engagement for future growth and sales.

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