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11 Top Actionable SEO Recommendations for 2016

Search engine optimization is focused on taking measures to land higher in the search engine results. While there are an unlimited number of optimizations you can make to your website at any point in time, some make a much greater impact on your site performance than others. The DMS Digital Agency team regularly publishes best practices for SEO. This document details our top actionable recommendations and includes the steps you should take immediately to impact your organic results.

Click here to go to our SEO best practices. 

1. Secure Your Site: Google prefers sites that deliver a safe user experience, therefore SSL encryption gives your site a rankings boost.

2. Be Mobile Friendly: “Mobilegeddon” boosted the rankings of mobile-friendly sites. Use the tool provided by Google to make sure your site is providing a good mobile experience.

3. Don’t Hide the Important Stuff: Google bases the importance of content in part on its accessibility. So make sure your site is structured the way you want your content presented. It’ll boost your SEO results and get users to the right content quickly.

4. Leverage Competitive Data: Supplement your keyword list with terms that perform well for your competitors. Open Site Explorer can help you do an audit to figure out what they are.

5. Perform a Backlink Audit: Not all backlinks deliver the same results. Audit your sources and take action to remove links from questionable sources that may be pulling you down in the search rankings.

6. Use JSON-LD: JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data, or JSON-LD, simplifies markup reviews because it’s easy to read and write. And not only is it supported by Google, but it’s used to populate their Knowledge Graph search results. So using JSON-LD can increase your brand’s visibility.

7. Optimize Your Tags: To optimize tags on your site, you want to make sure each one is unique and representative of the content on its page. But if you have a large site, this may be too much to tackle. Focus on the primary tags (meta descriptions, headers and alt tags) across your site first, as they receive the greatest focus from Google’s spiders.

8. Eliminate Duplicate Content: At best, duplicate content confuses a search algorithm. At worst, it is catalogued as malicious. Fixing duplicate content may be time consuming, but it’s well worth the effort.

9. Increase Site Speed: Site speed is an increasingly important issue for algorithms, because it is indicative of customer experience. Optimize your site for faster load until you experience diminishing returns on your efforts.

10. Consider Using AMPs: Earlier this year, Google announced that Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) were integrated into its search engine. AMPs load quickly and provide an enhanced mobile experience. As a result, they rank well.

11. Focus on User Experience: Google wants to provide their users with relevant search results, driving traffic to websites that deliver strong user experiences. So if you always keep your customers’ needs in mind and avoid anything that feels like it may be sketchy, your user experience and long-term search rankings should perform well.

Click here to read our SEO best practices for more details regarding each of the recommendations above. 

Looking for some help with your SEO?

Talk to the experts at DMS. Our SEO team delivers cost-effective and scalable solutions that meet your goals and your budget. Every DMS SEO engagement starts with a full forensic web audit inclusive of:

  • Website architecture
  • Competitive and domain analysis
  • Title and meta tag analysis
  • Internal and backlink analysis

From there, we develop a customized campaign designed to enhance your website content and structure.

For a free audit of your website: Contact your DMS account executive or fill out this form to have a DMS representative call you.

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