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The 10 Most Read DMS Insights Articles in 2018 Highlight Innovation & the Continued Rise of Digital Marketing

January 1, 2019 Sarah Cavill

The 10 most read articles of 2018 on DMS Insights demonstrate an interesting mix of entertaining and informative marketing updates. The results indicate that digital marketers enjoyed both the lighthearted articles geared toward tracking trends and sought out articles that provided details on marketing updates and technology, highlighting strategies that could help marketers grow their businesses.

donny osmond marketing partnerships chef boyardee

1. Lil Yachty and Donny Osmond: Has Chef Boyardee Created the Perfect Jingle?

2018 saw a number of unlikely marketing partnerships, many of which were covered by DMS Insights. Readers seemed to enjoy reading about the innovative and fun ways brands continue to grow their identities. The Chef Boyardee article also received an exciting boost by way of a retweet from Donny Osmond himself. 

2. Building & Buying Love: 10 Ideas to Survive Facebook’s Algorithm Update

Upheaval in the social media world, from trust issues to senate hearings, led to a number of social platforms changes, like the algorithm update from Facebook that prioritized friends and family. Social users indicated they want more personal, curated content. This leaves marketers with a need to create meaningful, authentic interactions with their customers. How to do that is where DMS Insights came in, offering 10 ideas to optimize social brands and keep social ads relevant to consumers.

KFC chicken and waffles marketing

3. KFC Chicken & Waffles Commercial Highlights Unlikely Partnerships & 80s Dance Moves

Colonel Sanders dirty dancing with Mrs. Butterworth in this creative spot for KFC was another opportunity for DMS Insights to highlight the continued evolution of KFC’s marketing strategies. KFC isn’t afraid to try new ideas and keep their brand fresh and current, and digital marketers can apply those same successful strategies to their own marketing efforts. The deliciousness of chicken and waffles is likely another reason for the popularity of this piece!

4. Inquiry Volume Up & 6 More Higher Education Lead Generation Trends

Our popular article about higher education lead generation trends complemented the DMS 2017 Year-End Higher Education Inquiry Generation Review. Highlighting trends about higher education inquiry volume, program format and conversion rates, the data in this article helped mobilize education marketers with the necessary information to efficiently generate leads and student enrollments.

predictions for 2018 marketing success social platforms business trends

5. 9 Marketing Predictions for 2018: Are You Prepared for Success?

What to prepare for in marketing can be tricky business as trends and market forces can’t always be predicted, but a few axioms seemed to be evergreen in 2018 (and likely 2019): digital, mobile and social were where the growth was predicted to be at the start of the year. And, from voice search, to video to targeted marketing on social platforms, the predictions rang true.

6. Be Heard: Optimize Your SEO for Voice Search

As is always the goal with DMS Insights articles, we want to keep digital marketers as informed as possible so they can create the most success for their brands. Voice search, like many new-fangled technologies is great with young demographics, so an adaptive, robust voice SEO strategy should be front and center for marketers. Like many trends in 2018, this article is about integrating digital and mobile into every facet of your brand’s marketing campaigns.

buzzwords 2018 marketing

7. 5 Buzzwords Marketers Should Retire in 2018

Marketing loves a buzzword, a catchphrase, a synthesis of word and deed, or something like that. It’s a business full of people trying to explain things, but it helps if the buzzword actually means something useful and hasn’t grown stale. If not, it’s time to move on, flex those creative muscles and come up with a new way to say the thing you’ve been saying all along. In this article we aimed to help marketers get a head start on which words to retire.

8. The Impact of ROI and Labor Data in Students’ College Decisions

Data is an integral part of successful marketing strategies. How data impacts the decisions of consumers, including prospective college students, is important to marketers and educators alike. This article discussed the use of data to help students better understand the benefits of their majors and how marketers can steer students toward fruitful professions. As tuition prices rise and the job market evolves, education marketers should continue to be interested in best practices for turning prospective students into successful alumni.

ask a stupid question digital marketing

9. Ask a Stupid Question Day: 5 Questions About Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is poised to become entirely dominant over other outlets by 2020. But what is digital marketing? We break it down in this entry from our Ask a Stupid Question series. From the basics to the granular, we’ve got you covered. Still have more questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Digital Media Solutions.

10. 2018 SEO Planning: How to Survive the Algorithm Updates of 2017

Without a robust marketing strategy covering everything from SEO to paid media, a good marketing campaign can’t get off the ground. DMS Insights always aims to keep digital marketers informed of the latest technology changes and updates. In this breakdown of changes to Google’s search algorithm, DMS offered a recap on the prior year’s changes and advice on how best to optimize content and strategies to drive SEO success.

DMS Insights will continue its mission to help marketers reimagine their wins, visualize their victories and elevate their marketing performance. Through fun, informative and data-driven articles, DMS Insights aims to continue helping marketers maximize their businesses in 2019 and beyond.

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