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7 Things Pokémon GO Has Taught Us About Designing Mobile-Friendly Landing Pages

August 3, 2016 Digital Media Solutions

It’s no secret that Pokémon GO is a success. As of July 23, less than three weeks post-launch, this game had already attracted 20 million daily active users. Whenever something captures the attention of so many, it’s worth spending time to understand how and why it is working so well.

For this post, we’re looking to Pokémon GO to see what it can teach us with regard to creating engagement and encouraging action – specifically as it relates to mobile-friendly landing page design.

1. Use Prominent Calls to Action

When the app is loading, “Pokémon GO” is written in bold yellow and blue letters that appear on a white background. The contrast and the simplicity helps the game’s name stand out. It is essential for calls to action (CTAs) to stand out in a similar way, so they draw your eye from the rest of the content on your landing page. Complimentary color combinations, like orange and blue, are ideal.

In Pokémon GO, the CTA “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” tells players what they are tasked with completing. In a similar way, CTAs must always provide direction on how to proceed. “Request Information” is a simple way to encourage form submission.

Make sure your CTAs help users understand the main point of their landing page experience. The CTAs should immediately answer the question, “What am I supposed to do now?”

2. Keep Your Visuals Clear & Concise

Pokémon GO has a very basic, clean layout. The screen is often completely bare, unless you are in an area with a high population of characters to catch. This simplicity keeps you focused on the “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” action and rids you of all distractions.

Once you’ve attracted a prospective customer to your landing page, you want to keep the focus on the form to ensure you capture an inquiry. The form itself should contain as few fields as possible. If you need to go longer, consider a two-step form that splits the fields into a couple of steps (ideally capturing the information even if the second step is not completed).

Keep your landing pages as sleek as possible. Avoid inappropriate background images or extra text, as these are potential distractions that pull away from the lead form. Depending on the page, it may be a good idea to completely remove the background image for mobile devices.

3. Include Only Brief Content

The Pokémon GO journal, the information portal that houses catch history, is organized and streamlined to quickly provide information while encouraging transition back into play mode. Strong landing page content must also allow for visitors to take in content on the fly, highlighting main points.

The term “above the fold” does not necessarily apply anymore. With the increase of mobile phones, users are actually more prone to vertical scrolling than in years past. But horizontal scrolling is considered negative in terms of user experience. Landing pages should be constricted to the width of the phone, otherwise information lost on the sides of the page will likely be left unviewed.

4. Make Sure It Works Everywhere

Pokémon GO doesn’t work in Rio, as the disappointed Olympic athletes have discovered.

Make sure you don’t create undelivered demand by ensuring your landing pages are responsive, with a consistent design, across all devices. After all, you never know when someone is going to switch from a mobile device to a tablet or a desktop.

Desktop designs should include images that are captivating and visually appealing. Tablets often cut off images awkwardly or make them look disproportionate. So make sure background images are scaled down or removed. And for mobile phones, skip the background image altogether and instead focus your landing page on the form with information to follow. Users are likely to scroll through the information, so make sure important information stands out by using the aforementioned style tips.

5. Customize to Fit Your Audience

Pokémon GO allows users to select unique user names and customize action figures based on gender. This helps users feel more connected to the game.

Though certainly more static, landing pages should be customized based on the demographics of the intended audience. Demographic information should also be utilized to understand how to best present information – by video, infographic, plain copy or another type of media.

Interactive infographics are a smart way to keep the attention of landing page visitors while sharing essential information. They allow for the quick scanning of information, and when designed correctly, the most important details can be highlighted as quick takeaways.

6. Make People Feel Good with Achievements

Every time a user “levels up,” Pokémon GO displays the newly attained character with a note of congratulations about the earned points.

Even outside of games, achievements (as well as other gamification tactics) work well because people like to be praised. Landing pages can congratulate people on their success with copy like, “You’re halfway there – inquire now for more information!” Loading bars also work well to help users understand how far they’ve come and how much remains.

7. Create Urgency

Pokémon GO users are encouraged to keep moving to assist the Pokémon in the morphing process and capture “better” Pokémon.

To perform well, landing pages must also provide a reason to act now. Countdowns to a special event, the end of an offer or anything else that can be counted, work very well to encourage immediate action.

Like Pokémon GO, mass culture and media often provide great examples of best practices for consumer engagement. Pay attention to how your target audience spends their time. Identify tactics that can be carried into your marketing efforts and test them to see if they’re effective. But remember, people’s likes and dislikes change quickly. So never rest just because you found something that works well today.


If you’d like to learn more about how you can optimize your mobile-friendly landing page design to maximize performance, contact the team at DMS or read our Landing Page Optimization Best Practices.

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