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7 Tips from Marketing Experts to Help You Create One-to-One Messaging Campaigns that Drive Results

October 12, 2017 Kathy Bryan

Cutting edge marketing technology and big data have combined to enable one-to-one, personalized messaging campaigns that are more sophisticated than ever before. As a result, marketers seeking to boost customer acquisition and lift retention rates are putting channels like email and SMS to work at record rates to deliver their brand messages directly to their target audiences.
Marketers who take the time to build out, test and regularly optimize their messaging strategies have the potential to create lifelong brand advocates. But messaging is far from foolproof. Those who neglect to consider their audiences, including the communications they need and want, risk unintentionally creating a divide between their brands and their customers.
Do you want to build powerful messaging campaigns that compel your audience to engage? We’ve compiled tips from top marketing experts to help you build out and execute acquisition and retention strategies that make an impact.  

Synchronize your messaging campaigns. Don’t let each channel operate within a vacuum. – Fernando Borghese, COO @ DMS

Successful messaging campaigns must engage the right people at the right time. To be effective, campaigns need to be built holistically, across channels and devices, to reach the intended audience ― wherever they may be. But just getting your message into the right hands is not enough. Your sending cadence and ad copy must evolve based on user engagement to help ensure ongoing attention from your targets.

Focus on intent to drive quality, and create a sense of urgency to boost volume. – Joseph LeBaron, VP of Product @ DMS

High open and click rates are meaningless if they don’t translate to conversions. Target your messages and your audience to focus on intent and improve the quality of your traffic. Then create a sense of urgency, like a limited time offer, to give your customers a reason to act now.  

To be remarkable, you have to make your customers want to remark about their experiences. – David Shteif, EVP of Automation & Data @ DMS

From the first touchpoint through to the conversion and beyond, it’s essential to plan out and execute a positive customer experience. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers and think about what they want to receive from you, what they’d like to hear from you and what they desire to see from you. If you are successful in creating a remarkable experience throughout every step of the customer journey, your customers will want to engage with you and remark about their experiences to those around them.

Keep it simple while making the “what’s in it for me” evident to your audience. – Akeel Haider, VP of Strategy & Innovation @ Sparkroom

When articulating the critical point of your offer, simplicity is essential. You will likely achieve your best results when you keep your message brief while unmistakably articulating a benefit to your target audience. But make sure you’re talking about something that is actually desired by your audience. Too often, marketers highlight a product feature without connecting it to something valued by the recipient.

Be a storyteller! Create compelling content that drives engagement from the top to the bottom of the funnel and across to lifecycle sustainment. – Jonathan Katz, CTO @ DMS

Consumers like to be entertained. But a story that doesn’t connect to your brand will fall flat. Consider your customer journey from beginning to end and devise a narrative that has relevance and longevity. If you genuinely connect with and engage your audience, you’ll be escorting them along the purchase path while setting the stage for long-lasting retention.

Include a dark horse candidate in every A/B test. – Andrew Westmoreland, General Manager @ DMS Engage Email Division

Everyone says, “don’t make assumptions.” One way to codify this is by giving a dark horse candidate 10-20% of the volume within every A/B test. What should be your dark horse? Don’t over think it. Go to a non-marketing department and ask for one-liners about a given topic. Then, test these dark horses as subject lines or taglines against which you can optimize. After all, you might be surprised by how often someone in IT comes up with the performant subject line.

Establish an emotional connection with your customers. – Marcelo Parravicini, CMO @ DMS

One of the most critical objectives every marketer should seek to achieve is strong brand loyalty. The backbone of brand loyalty is the experience being offered, or the brand promise. But a messaging strategy that focuses on just efficiently articulating a brand promise is not likely to drive sustained brand loyalty. To ensure consumers remain engaged, brands must create customer engagement by establishing emotional connections and bringing their customers into the brand story.
DMS provides end-to-end customer acquisition solutions, including one-to-one messaging campaigns, that help our clients grow their businesses and realize their marketing goals. Our ever-expanding cross-channel messaging capabilities now include a fully owned and operationalized email platform, acquired earlier this month.


If you’d like support developing, optimizing or executing your messaging campaigns, reach out to the experts at DMS.

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Kathy Bryan

Kathy Bryan is the Chief Marketing Officer at Digital Media Solutions (DMS). In this role, Kathy is responsible for all aspects of marketing and communications for DMS, the leading global martech company leveraging innovative, performance-driven brand and marketplace solutions to connect consumers and advertisers.

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