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Apple In 2020: Innovative, Yet Focused On Privacy

December 21, 2020 Sarah Cavill

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As one of the big four tech companies, Apple can always be counted on as both an immediately recognizable brand around the world and an innovative technology juggernaut meeting the consumer demands of the moment. Although 2020 was a year unlike any other in modern times, Apple continued to push forward, with new product releases and new policies that are likely to forge the way toward a more transparent, privacy-friendly future for tech users everywhere.

Apple In 2020: New iPhone, New iOs, New Privacy Requirements

The release of several new privacy standards from Apple this year ruffled a few feathers in the tech world, as the larger technology community begins to reckon with the need to make “being very online” more secure for users. Changes to identification for advertisers (IDFA) collection and the requirement of privacy labels on apps are likely just the beginning of what online privacy will look like for advertisers and consumers alike. In 2020, Apple also launched Apple TV+, the iPhone 12 and stirred speculation about a new search engine in the new year. The sections below summarize previously published DMS Insights articles about Apple news in 2020.

Apple iOS 14 Operating System Targeting Changes: Just The Facts

The release of the new iOS 14 operating system from Apple sent ripples throughout the tech world. The concern stemmed from the privacy changes required with the new operating system, including mandating that developers show a warning label to users before collecting identification for advertisers (IDFA) info on iOS 14, and that users opt in to sharing IDFA. The Apple privacy change was pushed until 2021, giving brands time to develop strategies that resonate with their mobile users when making opting-in decisions.

Apple Nutrition Labels: Just The Facts

Apple has been very open about their intentions to move toward more privacy for users across the Apple universe. Although the tech company chose to delay the controversial IDFA requirement, privacy labels (AKA nutrition labels) are now required for all apps. Developers must disclose their app’s privacy practices, including the practices of third-party partners, when submitting new apps and app updates to the App Store. By moving ahead with the nutrition label, Apple is sending a clear sign that they plan to continue pushing for increased privacy and transparency for users.

Apple And Disney Now Major Players In The Streaming Wars As The Competition Heats Up

Streaming has been hugely popular during the pandemic across many platforms, including Apple TV+. By following the tried-and-true streaming formula of high-octane stars and huge publicity pushes for their original programming, Apple TV+ came out of the gate quickly and found an audience comfortable within the Apple universe and with streaming. 

Apple Search Engine: What Will It Be?

Whether Apple launches a search engine in the near future was the subject of some tech chatter in 2020, with insiders speculating on what an Apple search engine would look like, and if it even made sense for Apple, which has long used Google as its default search engine. An Apple search engine would give Apple the opportunity to drive app downloads in the App Store and promote Apple News+ and Apple TV+, operating as a sort of personalized hub for Apple users, instead of a traditional search engine. Keeping everything in the family has often been Apple’s preference. For now, it’s wait and see.

Apple Marketing Continues To Capture The Imagination Of Consumers Worldwide As The iPhone 12 Launches

Despite issues like privacy and data making the news more often these days, Apple remains one of the great marketing giants in advertising history, creating campaigns and creative executions that have resonated with consumers and influenced other brands for decades. Whether it’s the sledgehammer heard around the world or a mesmerizing new spot for the AirPods Max, Apple is always ahead of the curve.

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