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BloomsyBox Leverages Consumer Valentine’s Day Intent To Attract Subscribers

February 1, 2021 Sarah Cavill

Holidays can be the right time to scale advertising spend, offer new products, kick off promotions and deploy engagement strategies that reach and nurture consumers in the mood to shop for themselves or loved ones. Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, specifically, represent opportunities for floral brands, like BloomsyBox, to build brand awareness and acquire new customers. 

Turning Buyers Into Subscribers

Most Valentine’s Day purchases are single transactions. Although retailers have always sought more, the parallel rise in the popularity of ecommerce and subscriptions has created a new opportunity for brands leveraging holiday gifting to convert holiday sales into long-term relationships.

Shutterstock_648381583 Delivery of a floral workshop. The customer receives his order-a bouquet of pink and pale yellow roses. Hand courier pass flowers to the buyer

For BloomsyBox, Valentine’s Day offers the opportunity to entice customers who have high intent to purchase flowers for themselves or loved ones. Awareness campaigns leveraging discount codes and driving traffic to the BloomsyBox website can showcase new product lines, like the NYBG (New York Botanical Garden) Collection, or the dedicated Valentine’s Day landing page. For most flower brands, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, represent the lion’s share of their annual sales. BloomsyBox has differentiated itself with flower subscriptions that create long-term consumer relationships.

When gifters purchase on BloomsyBox, they provide their information and data on their gift recipients. As a result, BloomsyBox has two opportunities to upsell and turn each holiday gift into long-term revenue.

Leveraging the first-party data gained from initial sales, BloomsyBox nurtures their customer database to promote their farm-to-home monthly and weekly flower subscriptions that auto renew but can be cancelled at any time.

Retaining Subscribers With Quality Experiences

The spirit of BloomsyBox isn’t just about selling flowers. Since its inception in 2015, the flower delivery service has aimed to resonate with consumers, finding ways to connect to consumer hobbies and lifestyles. Reliable delivery, high quality product, feel-good packaging and exceptional customer service all support the relationships BloomsyBox has with their subscribers.

Reliable Delivery Results In Flowers That Last

Amazon has created high expectations for delivery speed, tracking and transparency, and every online retailer has to comply with these expectations. BloomsyBox promises flowers delivered “just 2-4 days after they are cut” so recipients have more time to enjoy them.

Sustainable Packaging That Feels Good To Receive

BloomsyBox prioritizes sustainability in every facet of their business, including the packaging. The flower deliveries come “wrapped in paper rather than plastic, cutting costs for you and eliminating waste for our world.”

Exceptional Multi-Channel Customer Service To Support Every Need

Multi-channel customer service has become the norm, and BloomsyBox complies with email, chat and phone service. For when they’re not available, the BloomsyBox FAQs offer helpful information, and the BloomsyBox blog provides regular content on celebrating, decorating, flower arranging and bloom-buying tips. Content marketing that is regularly updated and relevant can create trust with consumers and offer another way for brands like BloomsyBox to differentiate and share their insider knowledge. 

BloomsyBox: Social Responsibility That Drives Consumer Affinity


BloomsyBox launched with the promise to build “a better way to deliver fresh blooms.” By prioritizing specific socially responsible actions, BloomsyBox is able to make ethical sourcing and sustainable growing practices a defining part of its brand mission and help people feel good about their first and continued flower purchases.

BloomsyBox works directly with farms to guarantee better conditions for workers and sustainable growing and harvesting techniques for the product. By not working with a middle man, BloomsyBox is also able to send flowers more quickly than other flower delivery services, providing the freshest blooms from its 48 farm partners. Plus, according to BloomsyBox, the brand only sources flowers from “Rainforest Alliance certified farms, meaning that no toxic chemicals are involved in the fertilization for our flowers and the flower farm workers are treated fairly.” 

It’s becoming increasingly common for shoppers to prefer spending money with brands that have values aligned with their own. According to a 2020 study by IBM and the National Retail Federation, “nearly 70% of consumers in the U.S. and Canada think it is important that a brand is sustainable or eco-friendly.”

Single-Purchase Intent Can Be Transitioned To Subscriber Retention

Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day should represent the beginning of relationships for floral brands. First-party data collection facilitates nurturing, and smart promotions combined with enjoyable experiences support retention. Brands like BloomsyBox that have differentiated products and leading customer experiences can turn Valentine’s Day and other retail holidays into long-term relationships that drive meaningful lifetime value.

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