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DMS Marketing Madness ― Final 4: Tide vs. Lacoste vs. Ikea vs. Honda

March 30, 2018 Kathy Bryan

Throughout DMS Marketing Madness, we highlighted 16 innovative campaigns and asked you to vote for your favorites. With all the preliminary rounds behind us, we’ve filled in our Final Four.

Who do you believe deserves to be crowned as the most innovative brand and the winner of DMS Marketing Madness for 2018?


Tide ― Making You Question Every Ad You See

Tide, the winner of the Super Clio for best ad in Super Bowl LII, took home the glory of winning the first round of DMS Marketing Madness for making you question every ad you see. Beating out Toyota, KFC and Absolut, Tide ran a series of very common-style commercials during football’s big game.

What made Tide’s campaign innovative?

David Harbour (famous for playing Jim Hopper in Stranger Things) appeared as a surprise guest throughout each commercial of the Tide campaign. None of the spots seemed to be for laundry detergent until Harbour pointed out the brilliantly white textiles. Before long, Super Bowl viewers were questioning every commercial during the game ― watching for whites and wondering if Harbour would appear with a bottle of Tide.

Lacoste ― Branding the Endangered

Lacoste won the second spot in our final four with their “Save Our Species” campaign. Knocking out Farmers Insurance, Twitter and Nike, Lacoste replaced its iconic crocodile logo with embroideries of ten endangered species, creating awareness of the animals’ plights, raising conservation funds and garnering media buzz. The 1,775 shirts produced were in quantities matching the quantity of each endangered animal remaining in the wild.

What made Lacoste’s campaign innovative?

Bravely, Lacoste stripped their own logo from their product to give power to their conservation message. With proceeds going to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the limited-edition Lacoste polo shirts sold out within days. 


Ikea ― Sock Skating into Our Hearts & Homes

Ikea skated past their Round 3 competition – Travel Oregon, Macy’s and Huggies Pull-Ups – and into our hearts by telling us to “make room for life.” The spot opens with a middle-aged couple (that just happened to be comprised of former professional skaters) rolling up their area rug. Throughout the commercial, we follow the stars as they sock skate and twirl throughout their very nicely furnished home.


What made the Ikea spot innovative?

The ambiance of the skaters’ home is upscale and does not instantly appear to be Ikea. At the end, Ikea furniture is flagged with name and price, but our attention is barely directed away from the performance as they end with a simple, “bring life into your living room.”

Click here to see the full spot and stills from the campaign.


Honda ― Mixing Realities to Compete

Honda knocked Hanes, Wendy’s and Kohl’s out of the Marketing Madness bracket with their “R vs. R” augmented reality race in which IndyCar driver Graham Rahal battled pro gamer Peter “theSLAPtrain” Jeakins. Both raced in a 2018 Civic Type R on the Road Atlanta race track. The first installment was virtual, taking place within Forza Motorsport 7. TheSLAPtrain’s performance was then broadcast onto a mixed-reality windshield as Rahal raced in a real Type R and on an actual race track.


What made the Honda promotion innovative?

Targeting gamers, racers, techies and general interest drivers, Honda used augmented reality for the first time ever to merge real motorsport with racing simulation.



Voting for DMS Marketing Madness has closed. Click here to see who was crowned champion.


Are you ready to reimagine your win? Contact DMS today.


Want to read about all 16 of our DMS Marketing Madness contestants? Click on the links below.


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