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Facebook’s New Interactive Ad Options: Just The Facts

October 16, 2019 Digital Media Solutions

In October, Facebook introduced new interactive advertisements including video poll ads, augmented reality (AR) ads and playable ads, available now in the News Feed section of the Facebook mobile app, in hopes that the ads provide more memorable and enjoyable experiences for consumers.

What Are Facebook’s Video Poll Ads?

To help guide more Facebook users to share their personal preferences, Facebook introduced video poll ads, allowing audiences to choose one of two options presented in the poll ads. After seeing the success of poll stickers for Instagram Stories ads earlier this year, Facebook decided to bring the same option to their mobile News Feed ads. Facebook stated on its website, “In our early findings, we’re seeing poll ads in [the Facebook News] Feed drive increased brand awareness and conversations. For example, in five out of nine brand lift studies, we observed poll ads increased brand awareness compared to video ads.” Cable network E! used Facebook video poll ads in a campaign aimed at boosting viewership of its show, Total Bellas, and saw brand awareness rise by 1.6 times. About the campaign, Eric Eckstein, Senior Director of Digital Marketing for E! Entertainment said, “The launch of Facebook poll ads was an exciting opportunity for us to use media in a fun and interactive way ahead of the season four premiere of Total Bellas. Giving fans an opportunity to engage with the show helped us create meaningful interactions that drove success throughout the season.”

facebook interactive ads

Additional ways brands can use Facebook video polls to increase engagement are:

  • Asking the audience questions related to videos
  • Offering options to the audience on what the next video topic should be
  • Asking questions to learn about consumer needs, wants and pain points to help create future content

By gathering first-party data via Facebook video polls, brands should be able to better understand and target their audiences with future opportunities.

Facebook’s Augmented Reality (AR) Ads

What Are Facebook’s Augmented Reality (AR) Ads?

Facebook’s augmented reality ads are a way to generate engagement through face filters and animations. In July 2018, Facebook started testing its AR ads with a select number of brands. In the early stages of testing, WeMakeUp, an Italian makeup brand, had an AR ad that allowed audiences to “try on” different shades of lipstick using their phone cameras to see what it would look like on their faces. Facebook mentioned on their website, “The brand [WeMakeUp] drove a 27.6 point lift in purchases with the average person spending 38 seconds interacting with the ad unit.” After seeing the value and success of AR ads, Facebook expanded its AR ad program to all advertisers globally for an open beta program.

What Are Facebook’s Playable Ads?

Facebook’s Playable Ads

Facebook is expanding its playable ad format, which can help drive downloads, brand awareness and conversations. Facebook teamed up with Vans and created an ad where users are able to guide Vans founder, Steve Van Doren, down a mountain, collecting gifts along the way. The Vans playable ad included direct links to Vans’ products within the game to help promote offerings. The Vans playable ad experience drove a 4.4 point lift in ad recall and a 2.4 point lift in favorability. This new Facebook playable ad format is also a way for video game marketers to enable Facebook users to try out their games before downloading them. By showcasing different games in the News Feed section, Facebook’s playable ads can create immersive experiences that prompt more people to engage with brands.

What Do Facebook’s Recent Interactive Ad Updates Mean For Digital Marketers?

These latest Facebook ad updates – video poll ads, augmented reality ads and playable ads – can help brands create advertising campaigns that audiences actually enjoy and value. Leveraging the new Facebook ad units, advertisers should be able to deliver more interactive experiences and boost engagement, all while differentiating their brands from the competition.

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