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Facebook Top Fan Targeting For Pages: Just The Facts

July 25, 2019 Melissa Piccinich

Facebook is rolling out a new feature that allows Pages to publish posts specifically designed to target their top fans. The soft launch of Facebook’s Top Fan targeting option started earlier this year for select Pages that have more than 10K followers. Facebook announced that their new publishing tool will soon be available to all Pages with more than 10K followers worldwide.  

What Is Facebook Top Fan Targeting?

The Facebook Top Fan targeting option permits Page administrators of Fan Badge Pages to create posts tailored especially for the fans who engage the most often and provide quality interactions on the Fan Pages. Facebook encourages Page administrators to use targeted fan posts to thank the fans for their support or offer premium content.

When Will Facebook’s New Top Fan Targeting Options Be Available For All Pages With 10K Followers?

The introduction of the Facebook Top Fan targeting feature is being slowly rolled out to Pages with more than 10K followers, over the course of 2019. According to Social Media Today, some pages were granted initial access to Facebook Top Fan targeted publishing options as early as March. By the end of 2019, it is expected that all Pages worldwide who fit the eligibility conditions will have access to Facebook’s fan targeting option.

All Facebook Pages based in the United States with more than 10K followers, who fit predetermined criteria, can use Top Fan targeting now. The Top Fan targeting publishing option can only be used if a Page has been approved and activated their Top Fan Badges setting.

H2: What Is A Facebook Fan Badge?

According to Facebook’s Help Center, before a Page can use Top Fan targeting, it must be approved as a Fan Badge Page. To be approved as a Fan Badge Page, a Page must fit four criteria:

  • Possess more than 10,000 followers
  • Be activated for a minimum of 28 days
  • Cannot currently use a civic engagement constituent designation badge
  • Must be using Facebook’s Video Template for Pages

Once a Page meets all of the required criteria, it will have the option to turn on the Fan Page Badge setting. Page administrators will not be able to target Top Fans if they do not activate Fan Page Badges.

Is The New Facebook Fan Targeting Option For Paid Or Organic Posts?

Facebook fan targeting works only for organic content posts. Fan targeting is not a feature of Facebook Ads audience segmentation. There was no recent update to Facebook Ads that includes any features or mention of Top Fan targeting.

How Does Facebook Top Fan Pages Benefit Digital Marketers?

Content published exclusively for top fans could help a brand foster a stronger connection with its Facebook followers, encourage more community interaction and promote the benefits of engagement, overall. Facebook’s help section mentions that the Top Fans designation is currently “designed for video content producers”, but there is no indication that it cannot be used for other forms of organic content.   

Deploying Top Fan targeted posts could be an opportunity to better engage with a Page’s most dedicated followers, but marketers should not expect a dramatic shift in organic reach.

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