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Autumn In Marketing: The Top 5 Fall Campaigns

September 5, 2018 Victoria Pallien

Autumn in marketing means shades of orange, red and yellow, positioned alongside imagery of leaves, football games and pumpkins.

As the temperature drops, the marketing initiatives get cooler, too. Take a look at some of the top fall campaigns from big brands around the world.

5. Red Mango: Pumpkin Spice

red mango pumpkin spice Autumn in Marketing: The Top 5 Fall Campaigns

Each year, Red Mango, the beloved American frozen yogurt chain, releases their seasonal pumpkin spice flavor for smoothies and soft-serve, alongside flavors like Banana Chai and Roasted Peanut Butter, according to QSR Magazine.

To promote this popular flavor, the yogurt brand releases autumn-themed print ads like the ones featured here. With seasonal colors and crisp autumn leaves, the Red Mango ad pops, highlighting the only thing consumers need to see: pumpkin spice.

As we know from Fall Fanaticism: How Pumpkin Spice Lattes Won the Fall Market, pumpkin spice hardly needs any marketing to sell because Americans adore the flavor.

4. Adidas X Stella McCartney: Fall Collection

adidas stella mccartney fall collection Autumn in Marketing: The Top 5 Fall Campaigns

Since 2005, Stella McCartney, the luxury fashion brand, and Adidas, the athleticwear brand, have produced vibrant and cutting edge styles, known as Adidas by Stella McCartney.

By combining high-end style with flexible fabrics, the chic athleticwear line was born. Promoted for its enviromentally friendly impact, made with organic cotton and upcycled plastic, the collaboration has created numerous collections, which include clothing, sneakers, swimsuits, bags and accessories. Fusing Stella McCartney’s sustainable approach with Adidas’ movable, breathable concept gave consumers something they hadn’t seen before: fashionable workout gear.

To promote their 2017 fall collection, the Adidas by Stella McCartney line captured striking photos, some of which included a fall jacket with a fall foliage design, featured below.

3. Guinness: The True Brew of Halloween

Guinness Brew Beer Autumn in Marketing: The Top 5 Fall Campaigns

An Irish dry stout, Guinness is known for its dark shade and thick taste.

Also known for its darkness is Halloween, so it seems almost natural that Guinness had to market itself as the spooky brew, perfect for Halloween.

In the 2011 ad featured here, Guinness tied the phrase, “the true brew of Halloween,” to their product.

2. Pier 1 Imports: Fall

Pier 1 Imports Autumn in Marketing: The Top 5 Fall Campaigns

“Fall is almost here…Leaves are falling — prices are, too.”

Pier 1 Imports’ flaunted their fall home decor in their 2014 fall email campaign.

The home accessories brand positioned their products in a home to visualize how consumers can spice up their homes for the fall season.

Using deep reds, oranges and yellows, Pier 1 created an aesthetically pleasing spread that reminded consumers of a cozy season.

1. Absolut: Absolut Fall

Absolut Vodka Autumn in Marketing: The Top 5 Fall Campaigns

Absolut Vodka is known for their creative marketing that often plays on the shape of their bottle inspired by different locations, seasons, and celebrities.

Absolut’s fall campaigns, featured here, position the alcohol as the drink of the season. Using elements that remind consumers of fall like acorns and leaves, the brand carves out the shape of their infamous bottle.

Absolut has also created ads with imagery including pumpkins, witches and moons that remind consumers of Halloween, perhaps marketing the drink as the perfect addition to a Halloween celebration.

In any case, to enjoy the fall season, it should be an Absolut fall.

When it comes to fall marketing, many brands switch to warm colors and leverage memories of time spent with family and friends in the pre-holiday season. Reminding consumers of the warmth that can come with autumn and showing them how your products can fit into their lives might get them hooked on your brand for the fall — and beyond.

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