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Google Dynamic AMP Emails: Just The Facts

April 5, 2019 Kathy Bryan

On March 26, Google announced a new, dynamic email format providing “all-new email experiences” intended to bring email out of the 1990s.

dynamic email

What Is Dynamic Email?

Like any other dynamic, web-based content, dynamic email allows for enhanced engagement. Dynamic email can be updated in real time. In addition, recipient actions, such as RSVPing to events, completing forms or questionnaires, browsing catalogs and responding to comments, can happen within the body of the dynamic emails.

How Is Google Making Emails Dynamic?

Dynamic emails are part of the Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project, which has a mission to “enable more user-first experiences on the web.” The inclusion of AMPHTML components within email code allows for dynamic features and can trigger multiple versions of email messages. Click here for instructions on creating AMP emails, including fundamentals, common element attributes, validation workflows and experimental features. Google has also provided an AMP email playground to help email developers design and test dynamic AMP emails.

Why Types Of Dynamic Features Can Be Included In AMP Emails?

While the list of dynamic features will not stay finite for long, Google has detailed the following types of interactive elements as currently possible:

  • Carousels
  • Accordions
  • Sidebars
  • Up-to-date content, including current comment threads and recommendations
  • Forms that can be completed within emails

Who Can Deploy Dynamic AMP Emails?

Dynamic AMP emails are not just for Gmail. Google is working with major email providers, including Yahoo Mail, and Mail.Ru, to bring dynamic emails to as many email recipients as possible. In fact, many third-party email products already support dynamic AMP emails, and all email providers championing the use of dynamic AMP emails have confirmed they will enforce security checks to confirm all included AMP scripts are vetted.

How Will Dynamic AMP Emails Benefit Digital Marketers?

As explained by Aakash Sahney, Gmail Product Manager, “Over the past decade, our web experiences have changed enormously – evolving from static flat content to interactive apps.” Consumers have learned to expect this type of dynamic content, no matter where they are receiving it. “Yet,” continued Sahney, “email has largely stayed the same with static messages that eventually go out of date or are merely a springboard to accomplishing a more complex task.”

With dynamic AMP emails, marketers can now:

  • Deliver first-class content experiences to consumers via email
  • Engage consumers within email
  • Ensure email messages are up to date when they are received versus when they are sent

As a result, with dynamic AMP emails in their arsenals, digital marketers can more consistently deliver the online experiences their audiences expect.

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