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Google Weekly Roundup – July 18

July 18, 2018 Digital Media Solutions

Each week, Google releases updates and invents new methods for improving user experience and conversion rates. As marketers, you need to stay up to date with Google’s activity to maintain your brand’s performance on the search engine. Knowing and understanding advancements and changes made by Google is essential to help you maximize your digital marketing, paid search and organic search opportunities.

Google News Impacting Digital Marketers

Here are the big stories, announced by Google during the week starting July 9, 2018, that may influence digital marketing strategies and performance. We’ve highlighted key takeaways and the impacts on digital marketers.

Easy Metrics from Google

Pulled from “Google Measurement Partners: Trusted measurement solutions for the entire customer journey” published on the Google Blog on July 12, 2018

  • Google announced Google Measurement Partners, which will be a program that brings together numerous brands in an effort to measure their advertising and marketing content.
  • Partners will work seamlessly across all Google advertising products for centralized marketing.
  • With more than 20 trusted partners, “Measurement Partners continues our commitment to providing both quality and choice when it comes to measuring performance and helping marketers better understand their customers.”

Key Takeaway for Digital Marketers: Metrics can be considered one of the most important aspects of marketing. Be sure to set up and track your brand’s marketing efforts to analyze performance.

Reaching the Right Consumer at the Right Time

Pulled from “Better understand and reach your customers with new Cross Device capabilities in Google Analytics” published on the Google Blog on July 11, 2018

  • Google announced Google Analytics Cross Device features to help brands understand their consumer interactions and their own marketing strategies. Brands will be able to better understand what interests their consumers by viewing these engagements as part of their overall user experience.
  • For example, brands can now analyze which consumers viewed their website from both desktop and mobile instead of viewing these actions as different sessions.
  • Google Analytics aids brands in delivering the right content to the right consumer at the right time with intelligent audience segmentation.

Key Takeaway for Digital Marketers: Getting to know your audience is a key factor when implementing marketing strategies. Understand where your consumers view your brand and how they interact with your brand to know what drives them to convert.

Optimize Your Page Speed

 Pulled from “Speed matters when providing assistive experiences” published on the Google Blog on July 11, 2018

  • The best results come from relevant keywords and expertly-timed bids. With ad innovations from Google’s machine, brands can analyze and improve upon their online presence.
  • With Google’s new mobile speed score, brands can determine their mobile site’s performance, making sure slow load times don’t deter consumers.
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) can provide a faster, more seamless user experience on mobile for ad clicks. Linking to AMPs from ads will provide speedy user experience.
  • With the Speed Scorecard and the Impact Calculator from Google, brands can compare mobile site speed against competitors and evaluate the money left on the table because of slow load times.

Key Takeaway for Digital Marketers: As Google said, speed matters. Optimize your landing pages to ensure your page load time is never a deterrent for your consumers. The faster the load speed, the faster the conversion.

Updated Marketing Can Lead to Improved Conversion Rates

Pulled from “Putting machine learning into the hands of every advertiser” published on the Google Blog on July 10, 2018

  • Google’s machine learning in ads offers responsive search ads which help brands convey the most effective ad for its consumers from a mixture of 15 headlines and 4 descriptions.
  • Google also announced the inception of Maximize Lift, which will help brands leverage their YouTube content to reach consumers who are likely interested in the brand.
  • Local Campaigns will be a new addition to Google’s machine learning this year as well. This feature will focus on delivering in-store visits to brands by delivering ads to the local zip.

Key Takeaway for Digital Marketers: As digital marketing platforms improve, your brand can utilize the most updated features to achieve top-performing marketing strategies and highest conversion rates possible.

Powerful Marketing Begins with Powerful Tools

Pulled from “Drive stronger collaboration with Display & Video 360” published on the Google Blog on July 10, 2018

  • Google announced the unification of their services under the umbrella term of Google Marketing Platform, turning Bid Manager into Display & Video 360.
  • Display & Video 360 gives brands a 360-degree view of the display, video, TV, audio and other content campaigns they have running, thanks to Display & Video 360’s focus on campaigns, audiences, creatives, inventory and insights.

Key Takeaway for Digital Marketers: Stay on top of marketing resources and their updates to craft the ultimate marketing strategy.

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