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In Paid Search, Never Say “Good Enough”

June 27, 2016 Team DMS

When the cost per acquisition (CPA) of a paid search campaign is below target, it feels good. Really good.

But does it feel good enough? NEVER!

So what do you do when faced with a paid search campaign that has always beaten its cost per acquisition (CPA) goal? if you’re the DMS paid search team, you push harder and plan to surpass the prior year’s results, as they did recently for a regional brand with multiple locations.

Leveraging past learnings, the DMS paid search team tested new opportunities to boost the performance of this brand’s already successful paid search campaign. As approaches became proven and the prospect for more high-converting volume was identified, budgets were increased to maximize the paid search channel and bring in even more conversions… all at a cost way below the goal.

Click here to download the case study.

What changes did the Sparkroom paid search team make to the already successful campaign?

1. More ad extensionsGoogle AdWords Extensions

Shown as additional lines of text within paid search ads, ad extensions provide supplemental information to searchers, boost the ad rank and take up additional real estate in the search engine results page (SERP). That’s a trifecta that resulted in both increased visibility and better click-through rates (CTRs).

Click here to read about the ad extensions added to the campaign, including callout extensions, structured snippets and sitelinks.

2. Campaign optimizations

Sparkroom performance marketing technology tracks every lead and conversion back to the original keyword that generated it. This campaign performance data allows us to identify, raise bids and boost rankings for high-performing keywords. Using this intelligence, over the course of the year, the DMS paid search team boosted the average SERP position from 2.1 to 1.8.

Additional optimizations were made based on historic location and channel-specific performance. In part, most of the Google Display Network campaigns were paused, migrating funds to more successful efforts.

Click here to download the case study and read additional details about the paid search campaign optimizations. 

3. Ad Testing & Refreshing

To create urgency, the DMS paid search team tested countdown ads that dynamically showed the number of days until the next expiration date. These ads resulted in higher CTRs and click volume, so all ad copy adopted this technology to replicate the success.

Additionally, a refresh calendar was developed for banner ads used within remarketing campaigns. This prevented creative from getting stale despite the high frequency sometimes delivered.

Click here to read more about the paid search ad testing and creative refreshing efforts. 

And it worked. The paid search campaign beat its prior (already superb) best.

The paid search campaign for this regional brand experienced year-over-year improvements for every metric tracked. Impressions were up 15%. Clicks were up 74%. Form lead volume was up 100%. Phone lead volume was up 51%. The average cost per lead (CPL) was down 7%. Conversion volume grew by 100%. And the average cost per conversion shrank by 7%.

As you can imagine, the client was very happy. So was the DMS paid search team. But no, they do not think this is good enough.

Click here to download the full case study. 

Is your paid search campaign structured to achieve optimal performance? Email for a free paid search audit to find out.

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