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Innovative Marketing From 6 Top Baby Brands: From Diapers & Food To Toys & Nose Suckers

March 20, 2018 Digital Media Solutions

Millennial moms are a top candidate for the “savviest parent” titles. They’re more likely to think they’re good parents than the prior generation, and they want those around them to believe in their strong parenting skills. Value and safety are top priorities for millennial moms when making purchases. But simplifying their lives is also a factor. “Millennial moms are more connected, more influential and have more access to research and information than any generation prior,” said Katie Sobel, the Senior Director of Marketing Communications at Plum Organics, a baby food company. “They also expect complete transparency and connectivity from the brands they do select.”

For baby-focused brands, reaching and engaging moms has become as much about breaking through the clutter as it is about resonating with the audience.

Successful brands differentiate themselves from their competition while connecting with the values that matter to millennial moms. And there’s no one way for baby brands to triumph. Some are focused on heritage. Others win with realism. Meanwhile, many baby brands use humor to convey their message.

Six examples of on-target baby-focused campaigns are detailed below. 

Gerber ― Returning to Their Roots

The Gerber product line has always used 100% non-GMO fruits and vegetables, and they’ve been in the organic market since the 1990s. But they were losing market share to upstart all-natural and organic baby food brands. Last year, Gerber moved forward by going back to their roots. They returned to their original logo while adopting a new tagline: Anything for Baby. And their new packaging features terms (like non-GMO) that picky moms want to see. As explained by Aileen Stocks, Gerber CMO, “You don’t stay a category leader unless you’re continuing to evolve with your consumers.” 

Pampers Featuring User-Generated Cuteness

In 2013, Pampers launched their “Love Sleep & Play” brand with a YouTube clip featuring special moments of “real” babies. The 21st century mom role comes with the judgment (and sometimes criticism) of online mom support, often leaving moms in search of an encouraging voice. The Pampers campaign was that voice. “There are a million ways to raise a baby and fundamentally parents know what’s best for their child,” said Mathilde Delhoume, the Pampers Global Integrated Communications Director when the campaign launched. “Pampers is here to offer a little help every step of the way.”

Fisher-Price ― Promoting Age-Appropriate Development

A top maker of baby and young children toys, Fisher-Price understands moms want to purchase toys that are fun and promote healthy development. Their Age-by-Age Playtime Guide makes it easy for moms to identify the best (Fisher-Price) toys to support physical, cognitive and social/emotional development for any age ranging from 1 month to 5+ years. Essentially, they’re removing guesswork from the toy selection process while guaranteeing all the recommendations Fisher-Price.

Luvs ― Targeting Experienced Moms

Experienced moms are more likely to choose Luvs for their babies, according to a survey conducted by Luvs. Embracing that insight, Luvs created a campaign showcasing the transformation from new to veteran mom. Their buzz-worthy breastfeeding commercial shows a shy first mom rivalled by a bold and practiced mom of two. Comments on BabyCenter show this 2013 spot resonated with moms because it was a depiction of truth.

Fridababy ― Shedding the Nonsense

Fridababy is best known for their NoseFrida Snotsucker. (As the name explains, it helps parents suck snot out of their babies’ noses.) When that is your flagship product, you have to go bold to get noticed. Fridababy didn’t disappoint. Their “When S%*T Gets Real” commercial takes us to a baby shower populated with knowing guests providing contradictory and often worthless advice. Suddenly, the Fridababy ladies break in to save the day with their practical and no-nonsense products because, “sometimes parenting sucks.”

Plum Organics ― Parenting Unfiltered

“If it feels like parenting isn’t always perfect, you’re doing it right.” That’s the message from Plum Organics on their Parenting Unfiltered site. Their content site features real stories, comedic videos, shareable badges (like the aviation badge for the mom able to “rise above the nasty looks). And it’s all designed to make moms (and dads) feel good about their parenting lives. However disheveled those lives may sometimes appear to be. 

Marketing to the Modern Mother

Millennials make up the greatest share of women entering parenthood, and they’re waiting longer than ever to start a family. In 1970, the average age of a new mom was 21. In 2013, it was up to 26, according to the U.S. Census. The proportion of working moms has also changed dramatically. In 1975, less than half of moms with children under 18 worked outside the home. By 2014, the share of working moms was up to 70%. And, for 40% of U.S. families, the mom is the primary breadwinner.

The generational and professional shifts have changed the profile of new moms. Millennial moms are more likely to seek advice than their Generation X predecessors, and they’re bombarded with information and support from parents, friends, coworkers, books, doctors, blogs and websites. As a result, they’ve learned to collaborate advice instead of just relying on their moms for parenting advice.

Do You Need Help Finding and Engaging Millennial Moms for Your Brand?

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