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New Higher Education Programs Of 2020

February 28, 2020 Digital Media Solutions

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*Last updated on: 04/01/20

The downturn in undergraduate student enrollment at many universities is putting pressure on marketers to deliver. In this environment, higher education institutions are developing their programs to cater to the various needs of students and employers. Higher education marketers can reference the New Higher Education Programs of 2020 list to better understand their competition and focus on streamlining and improving their school’s programs. Want to see programs that were added in 2019? Click here to view our New Higher Education Programs Of 2019 list.

Agriculture, Agriculture Operations And Related Sciences

  • Associate of Applied Science in Viticulture and Enology (CIP Code: 01.0309) at Palo Alto College: This 60-credit-hour program strives to give students a thorough, scientific understanding of the wine-making process through hands-on lab experiences and behind-the-scenes tours at local wineries. Students will have the chance to learn about the variety of grapes and wines around the world, food safety and packaging, marketing and business management.
  • Certificate in Brewing Science (CIP Code: 01.1003) at Sacred Heart University: This program is designed to help students understand the brewing industry, scientific brewing theories, different beer styles and brewery management. Students can visit and complete a semester-long internship at breweries or other facilities important to the brewing industry.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Wine Production and Management (CIP Code: 01.0309) at Sonoma State University (SSU): In partnership with Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC), this joint program provides a four-year degree transition pathway for SRJC viticulture and enology students and expands SSU’s wine business program to include a wine production track. SRJC students can complete their general elective and wine production coursework at SRJC to earn their associate degrees before transferring to SSU to complete their wine business classes to earn their bachelor’s degrees.

Area, Ethnic, Cultural And Gender Studies

  • Associate’s Degree in Latinx Studies (CIP Code: 05.0107) at Holyoke Community College: This program is intended to give students who want to work with diverse communities and cultures a curriculum that provides a critical civic engagement, understanding and appreciation of the Latin language, culture and literature.

Biological And Biomedical Sciences

  • Bachelor of Science in Biology (CIP Code: 26.0101) at Finlandia University: This program is designed to prepare students to pursue careers in environmental science or pre-med. Students have opportunities for collaborative and independent achievements in the classroom, laboratory and field.
  • Bachelor of Science in Biological Neuroscience (CIP Code: 26.1501) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: This program explores the structure and function of the brain and nervous system. The curriculum strives to help students build a solid foundation in the life sciences, chemistry, physics and math.
  • Doctorate Degree in Medical Sciences (CIP Code: 26.0102) at Rocky Mountain College: This online program is designed for practicing physician assistants who already have their master of physician assistant degrees. The program focuses on rural health in underserved communities and is intended to promote knowledge in leadership, healthcare policy, quality medical delivery improvement and research.
  • Master of Science in Neuroscience (CIP Code: 26.1501) at St. John's University: This program is designed for natural, physical and social scientists who wish to expand their career options to the field of neuroscience. Students have the opportunity to acquire the critical, analytical and decision-making skills that can help them find careers in research, government, pharmacy and biotechnology.
  • Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Neuroscience (CIP Code: 26.1501) at The University of Rhode Island: This program is designed for students who wish to investigate the physiological basis of thought and behavior. Students will get to work with faculty who are developing interventions for brain disorders including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, ALS, ADHD and more.

Business, Management, Marketing And Related Support Services

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Data Science (CIP Code: 52.1301) at Berkeley College: This program focuses on technologically advanced and rigorous data science and AI curricula, with an innovative application-focused business core. Additional courses focus on ethics, science, creativity and communication skills for a well-rounded education that can prepare students to enter the data science field in a range of roles.
  • Master’s Degree in Business Administration (CIP Code: 52.0201) at Daemen College: This program provides students the opportunity to complete their MBA in 12 to 18 months, rather than the usual 24 months, through online and on-campus courses.
  • Bachelor of Science in Data Science (CIP Code: 52.1301) at Southern Connecticut State University: This 120-credit hour program strives to teach students the skills in identifying and assessing organizational needs for data science, acquiring data and implementing data science solutions based on knowledge of related models. Topics covered in the program include data mining, machine learning and business analytics.
  • Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science (CIP Code: 52.1304) at Trine University: This degree is intended to prepare students to work in government or for any business that needs to manage financial risk, including insurance companies, consulting firms, large corporations, hospitals, banks and investment firms. The program is designed to provide graduates with the knowledge and skills to pass the preliminary exams given by the Society of Actuaries.

Computer And Information Sciences And Support Services

  • Bachelor of Science in Cyber Operations (CIP Code: 11.1003) at Cedarville University: This program aims to equip students with the skills they need to succeed as in-demand cybersecurity professionals. Students will have the chance to learn the technical knowledge required to perform specialized cyber operations related to collection, exploitation and response utilized by organizations like the National Security Agency (NSA) and U.S. Cyber Command.
  • Master of Science in Cybersecurity (CIP Code: 11.1003) at Kennesaw State University: This 30-credit hour program seeks to provide students with the knowledge of threat prevention and response, risk management and the ability to apply the appropriate tools and methodologies to solve real-world problems.
  • Master of Science in Cyber Security, Technology and Policy (CIP Code: 11.1003) at University of Texas at Dallas: This program provides the opportunity for students with prior computer science experience and those with nontechnical experience to learn strategic, policy and analytic aspects of cybersecurity. This program also provides public policy courses regarding privacy, ethics and data security, in relation to cyber security.


  • Master of Education in Inclusive Education: Dyslexia, ESOL and Cultural Competence (CIP Code: 13.1019) at Heritage University: This program strives to prepare teachers to help students overcome dyslexia and other reading challenges. Graduate students are provided with in-depth training on the theories, practices, pedagogy and technology in the field of reading education.
  • Master of Arts in Education with a Concentration in Digital Media Instruction (CIP Code: 13.0101) at Northern Vermont University: This 36-credit online master of education program is designed for classroom teachers, educational technology specialists, college instructors and other instructional professionals who wish to learn how to employ digital media to enhance their teaching. The program combines educational principals with digital media instruction methods.

Engineering Technologies/Technicians

  • Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (CIP Code: 15.0201) at Eastern Michigan University: This program emphasizes concepts in structural engineering, transportation, water resources, environmental engineering and construction engineering. Students can take courses that involve civil engineering materials, soil mechanics, fluid mechanics, construction and steel design.

Health Professions And Related Clinical Services

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (CIP Code: 51.3801) at Carthage College: Program offered both online and on-campus which aims to help practicing nurses with associate degrees expand their professional options in nursing. Course topics include principles of pharmacotherapeutics in nursing practice and assuring quality and safety in healthcare settings.
  • Master of Science in Nursing (CIP Code: 51.3801) at Fayetteville State University: This program strives to provide nurse leaders with the expertise required to meet the demands of providing safe and effective healthcare at the regional, state and national levels.
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (CIP Code: 51.3801) at Fresno Pacific University: This program aims to equip students with values and skills in leadership and service, teaching students to provide holistic health care in compassionate and culturally-sensitive ways. Course highlights include an emphasis on wellness, health promotion and evidence-based practice. This program also offers opportunities to train at some of the best hospitals in the San Joaquin Valley.
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (CIP Code: 51.3801) at Hofstra University: This 127-credit hour degree program aims to provide students the educational, clinical and experiential base for entry-level professional practice, and the platform on which to build a career through graduate-level study and learning. 
  • Master of Science in Athletic Training (CIP Code: 51.0913) at Indiana Wesleyan University: This 54-hour program strives to provide graduate students with the knowledge, values, skills and clinical education necessary to effectively practice as certified athletic trainers. Highlights of the program include taking a cadaver anatomy course and spending a semester in an immersive athletic training experience off-campus.  
  • Master of Arts in Yoga Studies (CIP Code: 51.3602) at Naropa University: This program aims to address the history and philosophies of yoga, with a deep engagement into yoga’s most transformative meditative practices. Coursework includes Yoga & Globalization, Hindu Tantra and Sanskrit I-IV.
  • Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences (CIP Code: 51.0000) at Rivier University: This program aims to help prepare students seeking careers in healthcare. The degree includes detailed coursework and hands-on laboratory training in anatomy and physiology, medical microbiology, behavioral science and more. Students will also have opportunities to complete internships in their areas of healthcare interest.
  • Doctorate in Health Administration (CIP Code: 51.0701) at Trident University International: This online program is designed for professionals who aspire to advance in executive, consulting and faculty careers in areas of Health Administration. Students will have the opportunity to learn how to critically evaluate data from various sources and effectively communicate to staff, patients and other stakeholders on relevant healthcare issues.
  • Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Technology  (CIP Code: 51.0808) at University of Massachusetts Amherst: This program helps prepare students pursuing careers as veterinary technologists working in veterinary clinics or hospitals, assisting in biomedical research. Students have opportunities to take part in hands-on experiences along with diverse internships.  

Legal Professions And Studies

  • Master of Science in Cannabis Science and Commerce (CIP Code: 22.0299) at American International College: This program strives to provide students with a demonstrated understanding of the business, legal and scientific aspects of the cannabis industry. The program provides education in basic science, business and federal and state laws and policies.
  • Master of Science in Law: Life Sciences (CIP Code: 22.0101) at Suffolk University: This program strives to provide graduate students with the legal, business and scientific knowledge and skills needed to support the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Course topics include drug development, business practice, contract law, negotiation and legal analysis.

Liberal Arts And Sciences

  • Minor in Code as a Liberal Art (CIP Code: 24.0101) at Eugene Lang College of Liberal Art: This minor pairs computational thinking with liberal arts exploration. Students are provided with hands-on experiences with coding alongside investigations into how code and computational thinking can be used to impact cultures and societies.
  • Master of Arts in Scientific Literacy and Integrity (CIP Code: 24.0101) at St. John's University: This 30-credit program is intended to help students with undergraduate backgrounds in the natural and social sciences develop the leadership and reasoning skills needed to address the current challenges of scientific research.

Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Food Systems (CIP Code: 30.3301) at Johnson & Wales University: This program aims to teach students the essential skills needed for working with and understanding food systems, food security and public health and policy. Courses include Cultivating Local Food Systems, Growing for the Menu and Politics of Food, Home Security & Social Justice.  

Philosophy And Religious Studies

  • Master of Arts in Catholic Studies (CIP Code: 38.0208) at Franciscan University of SteubenvilleThis program focuses on Catholic culture and thought from ancient times through today. To fulfill the credit requirements, students can choose from an array of electives, including courses in Philosophy of Religion, Nature Law and Natural Lights and Virtues and Morality.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Religions of the Ancient Middle East (CIP Code: 38.0201) at University of Maryland at College Park: This 30-credit hour program is designed to provide students with a background of the historical and cultural context that led to the emergence of ancient Judaism, Christianity and early Islam between 850 CE and 1200 CE. Students will be able to explore the methodological aspects of historical research, including archaeology and economic modeling.

Security And Protective Services

  • Ph.D. in Criminal Justice and Criminology (CIP Code: 43.0103) at Keiser University: This curriculum is designed to ensure that graduates are well equipped to participate in criminological positions emphasizing research and statistics, theory and administration of justice.
  • Master of Arts in Criminal Justice (CIP Code: 43.0103) at Meredith College: This 36-hour online graduate program is designed to provide students the academic knowledge and professional skills criminal justice professionals need. The program also includes a focus on writing, an essential skill for the field when writing reports and media messages.

Social Sciences

  • Bachelor of Science in Quantitative Economics (CIP Code: 45.0603) at Ohio Wesleyan University: This program helps prepare students to analyze economic issues, explore theories and predict future conditions using statistical procedures and mathematical models.

Visual And Performing Arts

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cinematic Arts (CIP Code: 50.0601) at Indiana University at Bloomington: This 120-credit-hour program helps prepare students for careers in the film industry. Students are required to complete media core courses and courses in theory, production and a final thesis.  
  • Bachelor of Science in Art Education (CIP Code: 50.0703) at Indiana University Southeast: This program strives to prepare students to pursue employment as art educators at the preschool through secondary level. Course topics include art history, drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, digital art and graphic design.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Digital Narrative and Interactive Design (CIP Code: 50.0411) at University of Pittsburgh: This program is designed for students interested in the intersection of English, media studies and computing. To deepen their specific training, students can choose one of three areas to study including Online Media, Game Design or Critical Making.

Note: This list will continue to be updated over time. Have a new program that launched in 2020 at your school? Email to tell us about it.

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