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Pinterest Spring Shopping Features: Just The Facts

March 22, 2019 Victoria Pallien

Pinterest, the visual social media platform famous for inspiring Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects and wedding themes, has expanded its social shopping features.

What Are Pinterest’s New Social Shopping Features?

Levi's Pinterest Social Shopping

Pinterest added methods for users to make purchases with “personalized recommendations for style and home decor boards, browsable sections of in-stock products from a specific brand and shopping search,” the brand noted in a blog post.

  • Catalogs: Brands are now able to upload their catalogs to Pinterest so users can easily shop through products. Brands can turn their item listings into dynamic Product Pins, aka shoppable Pins. This feature comes with a new and dynamic dashboard for brands.
  • Shopping By Brand: A brand’s shoppable catalog can be made available for browsing and will appear below product Pins on the social media site.
  • Personalized Shopping Recommendations: Pinterest will give users recommendations based on the products they’ve been pinning to their boards. Users can click a “more ideas” link and view the products Pinterest has selected for them. Plus, users can tap the “+” button to add these recommended Pins to their boards or check out directly from a recommended Pin.
  • Shopping Search: When users shop on Pinterest, relevant Product Pins will appear in the results, according to details like keywords and will not necessarily be based on users’ saved pins. Users can click “see more” for more information.
  • Shopping Ads: Through Pinterest’s Ads Manager, brands can list products on Pinterest and promote them from their existing Pins.

Why Did Pinterest Add New Social Shopping Features?

Pinterest Add New Social Shopping Features

Adding new shopping features further monetizes the Pinterest platform while enhancing retail opportunities for brands and boosting user engagement through personalization. In a blog post, Pinterest stated, “These updates help retailers get in front of customers who are looking for related products, and Pinners to see items that match their unique style and taste.”

The social media platform is preparing for an initial public offering (IPO), news that was made public when the brand filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission in February 2019. The latest shopping features may be part of this preparation. Plus, The Wall Street Journal reported that ad sales on Pinterest increased by 50% to more than $700 million last year, so the site is most likely aiming to scale an already prosperous area of business.

How Will Pinterest Social Shopping Features Benefit Marketers?

These new social shopping features will offer brands and their products the opportunity for more exposure. With Product Pins populating for specific and relevant search results, users will have a broader selection of products on the site, which may allow brands to make more sales.

Pinterest is working to enhance their platform for brands’ exposure and sales with new social shopping features, similar initiatives that both Instagram and Snapchat have taken.

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