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Push It: Pampers Puts Salt N Pepa in New Context

June 12, 2018 Rachel Schulties

Pampers U.K., the diaper brand, combined hip hop with child birth to craft their latest marketing ad, playing Salt N Pepa’s infamous “Push It” track over video footage.

Worth $29 million combined, Salt N Pepa have produced numerous hits, their number one song, “Push It,” receiving a Grammy nomination and making it onto Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. The 1987 single has become an all-time favorite for many, making it easily recognizable — even in a Pampers ad.

As a tribute to midwives and their hard work, the Pampers video features real women in labor at the Princess Anne Hospital in South Hampton, England and the New Forest Birth Centre in Ashurst, England.

“For helping us push through it all, thank you, midwives,” the video reads. Contractions give “Push It” a new meaning.

AdAge described the 40-second spot as “energetic” and “celebratory.” Here’s what my office though about the ad:

Reaction to the Pampers ‘Push It’ ad from SINGLE MAN WITHOUT KIDS:

That was a good commercial. The song totally works. I think I would’ve looked away at first if I had just seen the visuals and not heard the song. The ad definitely tells the story Pampers was going for, but I didn’t initially expect it to be a commercial from a diaper brand.

Reaction to the Pampers ‘Push It’ ad from MARRIED MAN WITHOUT KIDS:

Kind of intense. A little aggressive. WTF? But, the awe factor is pretty great.

Reaction to the Pampers ‘Push It’ ad from MARRIED MAN WITH KIDS:

Very appropriate use of the song! That was awesome. That was a great ad.

Reaction to the Pampers ‘Push It’ ad from SINGLE WOMAN WITHOUT KIDS:

It’s a little strange. The beginning of the video is too graphic for me. These women are in some serious pain. The song seems light hearted, though.

Reaction to the Pampers ‘Push It’ ad from MARRIED WOMAN WITHOUT KIDS:

The imagery is so heartwarming, so the tempo of the song adds a unique spin. It doesn’t really seem to match the content, but I get why they used the song and what they were going for.

Reaction to the Pampers ‘Push It’ ad from MARRIED WOMAN WITH KIDS:

I love when a brand can infuse culturally relevant music with a campaign because music speaks to everyone. Every woman who has given birth knows that “push it” is real. I think Pampers does a really great job of tapping into the intimate moments of being a new mother or new parent.

To break through the clutter and stand out in the modern marketing minute, your brand has to go bold and add unexpected twists to engage viewers and boost sales.


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Rachel Schulties

Rachel Schulties is the Executive Vice President of Agency Services at Digital Media Solutions (DMS), the fastest growing independent agency focused on performance marketing. As the leader of the agency team, Rachel oversees client relationships, agency services, the award-winning Sparkroom performance technology and technical support function that helps clients boost performance and redefine the win. Since its inception, DMS has evolved into a full-service performance marketing company that services firms within highly complex and competitive industries including mortgage, education, insurance, consumer brands, automotive, jobs and careers. DMS has achieved incredible year-over-year growth, which has earned recognition on the Inc. 5000 list in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

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