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The Right Dashboard Can Boost Your Dating Efficiency This Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2018 Kathy Bryan

When asked if a dashboard could enhance their odds of success on a Valentine’s Day date, the DMS team responsible for the research and development of the award-winning Sparkroom performance marketing technology resounded with agreement. Comprised of analytics experts, software integration specialists and other nerdy-numbers people, this isn’t a surprise. In fact, we brainstormed a list of ways in which a dashboard could assess return on time and financial investment, to boost dating performance as a result.

Segment dates by personality or other feature (e.g. type of car): 

We probably all have preconceived notions regarding who and what makes a good prospect (for example, “living with parents” is not typically a desirable situation), but sometimes they do not line up with reality. An objective review of dating performance segmented by personality or other life situation could lead to the identification of truths related to selection and success.


Track milestones (like “met parents” or others we won’t mention in this blog post): 

The dating lifecycle varies by individual. Some play the long game, while others keep relationships quick and to the point. Whatever your style, a dashboard with custom milestone tracking could assist with easy evaluations of trajectory and triumph.


Pivot charts to evaluate expenditures by date and by event (like birthdays): 

Allowing for multiple viewpoints, this information could streamline budgeting for annual holidays and one-off events based on dating duration.


Compare date quality by online and offline sources: 

Some people claim to be great matchmakers, and you know it’s simply not true. This feature would let you quantitatively evaluate compatibility matches based on source, including dating websites, friends of the family and more.


Chart trends to evaluate the trajectory of a relationship: 

A bit of optimism mixed with a splash of laziness can lead to dating inertia. But if your dashboard trend line was clearly plummeting as you tracked your week-over-week, month-over-month or even year-over-year trajectory, you might face reality and recognize it is time to test the waters elsewhere.


Use graphic visualizations to track (key) performance (indicators) over time: 

Yup, someone went there. And we’ll just leave it at that.

Now that we’ve had a little fun, we’re here to say “Turn every day into Valentine’s Day!” With the right dashboards, you can get to your critical data faster, get out of the office at a reasonable hour and spend the newly found time with your special someone.


Have You Seen the Sparkroom Dashboards? (We’re Swooning)

Sparkroom dashboards promise to try to make your life more tranquil by illustrating your most important KPIs through easy-to-digest visualizations.

Executive Lead Dashboard: Illustrates your most important KPIs to drive transparency and insights.

  • Analyze lead flow, distribution and costs
  • Drill down with performance graphs
  • Visualize metrics by lead provider, targeted campaign, marketing channel or a combination

Paid Search Dashboard: Connecting with third-party paid search data sources (Google Adwords and Bing), this dashboard provides an executive-level view of your paid search campaigns.

  • Connect pre-lead and post-conversion data in a single view
  • Transparency into the complete customer journey from impression through to bottom-of-the-funnel conversions
  • Widgets with custom KPIs and keyword-level analysis at a glance

Cross-Channel Attribution Dashboard: We’ve connected pre-lead to post-conversion data so you can see the full customer journey.

  • Visualize the most common customer journeys across digital channels
  • Understand which combination of marketing channels leads prospect to inquire and convert
  • Assess the holistic performance of digital marketing campaigns
  • See which channels are the openers, influencers and closers
  • Realize the value of branding and other top-of-the-funnel campaigns
  • Optimize campaigns to maximize ROI based on more than last-click data

We’re constantly trying to make your professional life easier, even if we can’t fix your love life. If you are not admiring your current lead management system or feel disconnected from your campaign analysis, we can help.  We have custom dashboards and tools within our cloud-based lead management and marketing automation technology. It’s all part of our plan to help you efficiently process and translate your campaign data to painlessly analyze and optimize your marketing efforts.

Request a Sparkroom demo today.

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Kathy Bryan

Kathy Bryan is the Chief Marketing Officer at Digital Media Solutions (DMS). In this role, Kathy is responsible for all aspects of marketing and communications for DMS, the leading global martech company leveraging innovative, performance-driven brand and marketplace solutions to connect consumers and advertisers.

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