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Home Security Marketing: Standing Out From The Crowd

October 9, 2019 Digital Media Solutions

The home security market is crowded, encouraging many home security brands to go bold to stand out from the crowd. The following three home security companies engage with consumers, build brand awareness and drive lead generation with creative, yet targeted, advertising campaigns.

ADT Home Security Protects More Than Just Homes

ADT’s “We Are What We Protect” advertisement aims to portray ADT as more than just an alarm system provider. ADT can protect anything that someone values, even outside the home. In ADT’s 60-second commercial, the home security company shows a search bar in which the passions and important things that people want to protect are typed out. One couple is shown standing in front of a small house with the search bar reading: “My tiny house.” Another scene shows a baker preparing cupcakes with the search bar reading: “My life’s work.” ADT strives to transform their brand’s reputation of being strictly a home security provider to a protector of individual’s values to better reflect their messaging that security doesn’t, and shouldn’t, end at the front door. ADT uses the hashtag #RealProtection on Instagram and Twitter to increase brand engagement with consumers and learn what they value most and want to protect in their lives.

As part of the “We Are What We Protect” campaign, ADT also redesigned its website to become more interactive. When visitors go on ADT’s website, they are asked the question, “What do you want to protect?” Users are then directed to the corresponding services and products ADT offers. The website configuration helps consumers easily identify the best tailor-made security solutions.

SimpliSafe Home Security Is Committed To Making People Feel Safe, Even From Their Biggest Fears

From drones to job-stealing robots, sometimes it feels like fear and danger are unavoidable. SimpliSafe’s “Fear Is Everywhere” ad portrays a culture of paranoia fueled by modern and advanced technology. The advertisement features fears including job-replacing automation, privacy-invading smart devices and fictional social media posts and news stories. In the commercial, a newscaster states, “What you don’t know about your garage door could kill you.” SimpliSafe then poses the question, “Wouldn’t it feel good to fear less?” The home security company makes an effort to comfort homeowners in the one place they should feel safe: their own homes. SimpliSafe’s messaging wants consumers to know that even in a world full of fear, “home is a place you should simply feel safe.”

SimpliSafe shares the importance of feeling good and fearing less, by replacing fear with safety. Individuals can promote this message by posting photos on Instagram and Twitter showcasing how they “fear less” or what “fear less” (living without fear), means to them by using the hashtag #FearStopsHere.

Vivint Smart Home Security Makes Life Trouble-Free

Life is much easier when everything in a home works together seamlessly. In Vivint Smart Home’s “Everything Works Together” commercial, the home service provider emphasizes how simple life can be with help from Smart Hub, a control panel device that brings all home security controls together onto one touch-screen dashboard. Vivint Smart Home shows that, even when someone is away, they can still take care of things at home with minimal effort. With the Vivint Smart Home app, homeowners can always stay connected and up-to-date with what is going on in and out of their homes. The Smart Hub system enables users to adjust their thermostats to save energy, see who is at their front doors, lock and unlock doors no matter where they are and the system offers custom settings for locks.

When a visitor goes to Vivint Smart Home’s website, they might notice the company’s phone number not once, but twice on their landing page. Vivint Smart Home recommends prospects and customers take action and call Vivint Smart Home for any questions they have. The prominent display of their phone number in the header and as the main CTA on the background image makes it easy for potential customers to place inbound calls and connect with Vivint Smart Home over the phone. The CTAs may help drive more quality conversations that generate leads and turn into sales.

In a crowded space for home security systems, it is important for companies to stand out and differentiate themselves among their competitors. By tugging at emotions, using resonating hashtags and making websites more interactive, these home security brands are more likely to be top of mind and engage with prospective customers when individuals need extra protection for their homes.

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