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Famous Women And Brands Team Up For Fun Marketing Campaigns

March 2, 2020 Sarah Cavill

March is Women’s History Month, when brands and businesses everywhere celebrate the accomplishments of women today and throughout history. Many women celebrities, including Kelly Clarkson and Anna Kendrick, have successfully leveraged their own personas and careers to partner with brands on engaging and effective marketing campaigns.

Amy Poehler Lends Her Voice To Pure Leaf Tea

Comedian, actress, writer and director Amy Poehler, who has often spoken about the importance of promoting women in all their realness, has lent her voice to the “No Is Beautiful” commercial for Pure Leaf iced tea. The spot starts out, as many commercials do, with a woman doing it all – exercising, working late, baking, volunteering – and then slowly reveals that the woman at the center of the commercial doesn’t really want to do it all. She finds power and peace in saying “no.” (Similarly, Pure Leaf iced tea contains no artificial sweeteners and no artificial flavors, etc.)

In another series of spots with the same messaging, Poehler re-tells classic fairytales with a more assertive female point of view. For example, Gretel tells Hansel it’s a “hard no” on the breadcrumbs and instead the duo enjoys a long, relaxing walk in the woods. Pure Leaf is calling the digital-content series a purpose-driven, multi-year campaign.

Poehler said the video shorts, directed by Parks and Recreation alum Rashida Jones, reflect that “The moral of the story is: You don’t always have to be agreeable.” A message that resonates with the women that drink Pure Leaf tea according to Katrina McDonald, Senior Director at the Pepsi Lipton Partnership, “Saying no isn’t all that easy, especially for our core consumer. Our goal was to highlight the beauty and power of saying no and to show that it gives you more time to say yes and do the things you want to do.”

Kelly Clarkson Partners With Wayfair For TV Campaign

Kelly Clarkson, who already has endorsement deals with Norwegian Cruise Lines and Citizen Watch UK, was recently tapped by Wayfair to be their latest brand ambassador.  The Wayfair deal includes a digital marketing push, TV spots and an integration with Clarkson’s daytime talk show. Wayfair’s new furniture line is inspired by Clarkson’s lifestyle and southern roots and will launch in April with a series of commercials dubbed “Home: You Got This.”

The spots leverage Clarkson’s easy charm and feature the multi-talented star popping into people’s home to solve their furniture crisis using the Wayfair app. Speaking to House Beautiful, Clarkson said she wants to help customers make their design vision a reality. Adding “I’m so excited to team up with Wayfair to connect with their shoppers and show them how simple it is to turn their home into a place that feels as special as they are," adding that she wants to help customers make their (design) vision a reality.

Anna Kendrick And Hilton Partner For Funny And Informative Campaign

Actress and funny person Anna Kendrick became Hilton’s first spokesperson in 2018, when the brand was trying to assert itself against competitors like Expedia and Airbnb. Since then Kendrick has starred in multiple spots for the hotel chain, which operates 14 different brands, touting the Hilton app, price-matching, booking directly with and the versatility of hotels for different travel needs. Kendrick manages to impart a lot of information about Hilton properties and programs, while still being incredibly winning and cheeky.

Celebrity Partnerships With Brands Can Be Effective With Certain Consumers

Casting any celebrity in a commercial or working with them as a brand partner can be an effective way for brands to create buzz about a product or service, and offer cross-channel opportunities that capitalize on the relationship. By partnering with women, especially women who have a specific persona, sense of humor or reputation that consumers have an affinity for, brands may be able to trust those like-minded consumers to be reliable or repeat business. Although authenticity and social responsibility take precedence for most consumers when choosing a brand, a meaningful and effective celebrity partnership can offer rewards for brands as well.

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