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Classic Holiday Commercials Bring Joy And Nostalgia To The Season

December 2, 2019 Sarah Cavill

‘Tis the season to sell a lot — and tap into the nostalgia that many shoppers feel over the holidays. Over the years, there have been many touching commercials that capture hearts and remind shoppers not just what to buy, but to be grateful for their friends, family and warm homes. Classic commercials often manage to be sweet, funny and touching all at once.

Norelco Santa Slides Into Christmas Memories

For many kids glued to the TV in the 1970s, the image of Santa sledding down the hill in a Norelco razor-head meant Christmas had arrived. Yes, the concept is a little odd, but electric razors used to be a big deal, and the Norelco Santa commercials endured and were even revived in 2011.

Hershey’s Kisses Play A Familiar Tune

The first little kiss clears his throat and the other kisses are off, ringing the bells to the tune of “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” and creating a commercial that has stood the test of time. The simplicity and pleasant happy vibe of the 1989 Hershey’s “Bells” spot has led to it being replayed for decades.

John Lewis Touches Hearts Every Year With Its Whimsical Adverts

UK department store John Lewis has become famous for their Christmas advertisements that thoughtfully capture the whimsy of Christmas. The John Lewis commercials tend to revolve around the friends and family revelers love to be with during the holidays, and no creative execution captures the holiday spirit more perfectly than the John Lewis 2013 spot “The Bear and the Hare.” A sweet hare becomes sad when realizing that her bestie, a bear, will once again hibernate through Christmas and miss the festivities. Hare cleverly gifts Bear an alarm clock so Bear can join her friends on Christmas morning. Set to Lily Allen singing “Somewhere Only We Know,” the John Lewis spot perfectly embraces warm holiday feelings.

The Spanish Lottery Commercial ‘Justino’ Is A Reminder To Be Kind

“Justino,” another international entry, is a beautiful commercial from Spain evoking both the loneliness and kindness that can be a part of the holidays. Like the John Lewis commercials for Brits, the Spanish Lottery spots are much anticipated by Spaniards, and “Justino” doesn’t disappoint. The nearly four-minute ad is reminiscent of a mini-Pixar movie, following the adventures of a night watchmen at a mannequin factory who entertains his colleagues by staging elaborate displays with the company’s mannequins, despite never getting to spend time with his colleagues during the day. Eventually, they all meet and Justino’s fellow coworkers are just as lovely as he’d imagined. The holidays aren’t easy for everyone, and this spot is a gentle reminder to be kind.

Budweiser Clydesdales Are Holiday Icons

The Budweiser Clydesdales first debuted in holiday commercials in the 1970s, and their proud trotting and Christmasy outfits have become a symbol of the holiday season ever since. “The Clydesdales really are the symbol of Budweiser’s heritage and tradition,” said Julia Mize, Global Vice-President Value Creation at Anheuser-Busch. “They’re the face of the Budweiser brand and an icon for the American people.” Budweiser often creates a braded holiday product, in addition to their commercials. This year, the brand is releasing four limited-edition cans, each with a different Clydesdale.

By connecting products to the happy, melancholic, joyful emotions of the holidays, marketers are often able to create meaningful connections and warm memories for consumers. This engagement can encourage consumers to reach for those featured products, or at least associate good feelings with advertised brands, which is an important step when generating sales and creating brand loyalty.

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